Mission and values

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We shape leaders who seize opportunities to create lasting value in an ever-changing world.


We expand Johns Hopkins University’s pursuit of research, discovery and education through dynamic learning opportunities, innovative faculty, and interdisciplinary collaborations to help shape leaders who seize opportunities to create lasting commercial and societal value.

Just like our founder, Johns Hopkins, we are building for what’s next. In the process, we built a new brand and launched a cutting-edge MBA. Learn more about the Carey Business School.


Relentless Advancement

Challenge the status quo. Carey builds on Johns Hopkins University’s tireless pursuit of excellence.

Boundless Curiosity

Have a hungry mind, wired for exploration, always seeking, discovering, and innovating. Carey embraces continuous learning and a constant pursuit of knowledge.

Unwavering Humanity

Commit to business with humanity in mind. Carey advances society and shapes leading citizens.

Collaborative Leadership

Foster an inclusive environment. Carey builds passionate teams across the Johns Hopkins network to develop dynamic business solutions.

Build for What’s Next®

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