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Changing Business is the research newsletter of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School faculty. Each quarterly issue explores impactful, cutting-edge research that shapes business, policy, and society.

Carey is the business school of Johns Hopkins University, America’s first academic research institution. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Carey's faculty seeks to address the world's most pressing problems by applying a diversity of expertise in analytics, leadership, finance, marketing, and strategy to numerous topics including the business of health.

In this issue

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Social and societal impact

‘Premature predictions: Why waiting can benefit forecasters
Is it better to be right or first? New research by Robert Mislavsky explores the benefits of waiting for prognosticators. Read more about forecasting.

Ozge Sahin and Ruxian Wang portraits

Operations Management & Business Analytics

Innovation and technology

Ensuring fairness in product assortment: a ‘win-win-win’
Product placement and display significantly influence what we choose to purchase. Ozge Sahin and Ruxian Wang study an algorithm that ensures minimum market exposure for all sellers which could benefit consumers Read more about online seller exposure.

Mario Macis portrait


Business of health

Improving TB screening in India: The right incentive
According to new research from Mario Macis, peer incentives for TB screenings could help alleviate one of the world’s deadliest scourges. Read more about health incentives.

Latest research

Human languages with greater information density have higher communication speed but lower conversation breadthPedro Aceves

Equitable Appointment Scheduling at a Healthcare Clinic: A Data-Driven Markov Chain ApproachMaqbool Dada

Consumer Profiling via Information DesignItay Fainmesser

Will the Truth Free Us from Misinformation?David Godes

Timing Matters: Dynamic Green Transition and Green DisclosureDeeksha Gupta

Carey research in the news

Wall Street JournalStricter soot limits will save up to $46 billion in healthcare costs, federal officials sayPaul Ferraro

Baltimore BannerHow blockchain might help Baltimore solve its vacant housing crisisJim Liew

CNNAn early version of Disney’s Mickey Mouse will enter the public domain on Jan. 1Stacey Lee

FOX NewsArtificial intelligence experts share 6 of the biggest AI innovations of 2023: 'A landmark year'Tinglong Dai

U.S News & World ReportWhat Is a purchase APR?Jordan Rippy

C-SPANHearing on housing market competition and consumer rightsLuis Quintero

The American Prospector, Workers funding other workers’ miseryJeff Hooke

Wall Street JournalHealthcare strikes threaten to prolong wage pressure on hospitalsGe Bai

Awards and recognition

Tinglong Dai was named the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s inaugural Bernard T. Ferrari Professor. The endowed professorship was named in honor of Carey’s emeritus dean.

Upcoming Opportunities

Hopkins Conference on Societal Impact Driven Marketing
March 15, 2024
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center, Washington, D.C.
Organizers: Manuel Hermosilla and Shubhranshu Singh

Business and Economics of Eye Care and Health (BEECH)
April 2, 2024
Organizer: Kevin Frick

Conference on Health IT and Analytics (CHITA) 2024
May 3-4, 2024
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center, Washington, D.C.
Organizers: Ritu Agarwal and Gordon Gao

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