The Carey Business School uses syllabus templates to ensure that school policies, course information, and accreditation processes are clearly and consistently communicated. There is an institution-wide template as well as course-specific templates, both of which are updated on a regular basis with support from Teaching & Learning@Carey.

Faculty can use this page to download syllabi and to review instructions for preparing their syllabus. Questions? Contact

Carey Syllabus Template

This template establishes the boilerplate content and structure for all syllabi at Carey. 

Download the AY18-19 template for on-site courses. 
Download the AY18-19 template for online courses. 

Standard Syllabi

Carey also has course-specific templates, known as Standard Syllabi. These syllabi establish course-specific information such as textbooks, learning objectives, and assignments.

If a course has a Standard Syllabus, all faculty (full-time and part-time) who teach that course must use it. In general, instructors may add to, but not delete existing syllabus content. Note that some courses have two templates because they are offered onsite and online. The syllabi for online courses differ from syllabi for onsite courses.

Standard Syllabi are available for download on this page. Questions about a specific syllabus? Contact the Course Lead.


Follow these steps before sharing your syllabus with students.

  1. Download the Standard Syllabus by clicking on the course number below. Select the correct format (online or on-site).
  2. Enter your section-specific information into the syllabus.
  3. Submit your syllabus as a Word document to You will receive an email when the syllabus is approved.
  4. Post the approved syllabus and activate your Blackboard site.
  • Teaching onsite? Activate the Blackboard course site at least 2 weeks before class.
  • Teaching online? Activate the Blackboard course site at least 1 week before class.

 NOTE: This page is intended as a resource for faculty. Students should refer to the Blackboard course site for their syllabus and textbook information.

Face-to-Face Online Course Title Additional Instructor Resources Available
001.611   Business English for Graduates I  
001.612   Business English for Graduates II  
003.892   Leadership Development Expedition I: Pre-trek Seminar  
003.893   Leadership Development Expedition II: Belize Trek  
120.601 120.601 online Business Communication  
121.610   Negotiation  
131.601 131.601 online Business Leadership and Human Values An instructor resource site is available for this course in Blackboard. Email
132.601   Business Law  
132.615   Real Estate Legal Environment  
141.710   Effective Teaming  
142.620   Leadership in Organizations Grading rubrics are available. Email
142.720   Managing in a Diverse & Global World  
142.730   Strategic Human Capital  
150.710   Discovery to Market I  
150.715   Discovery to Market II  
151.620   Global Strategy  
151.720 151.720 online Corporate Strategy  
151.770   Power and Politics  
152.710   Entrepreneurial Ventures  
152.725   Real Estate Entrepreneurship  
152.735   Strategy Consulting Practicum  
152.740   CityLab Toolkit: Business for Urban Social Innovation and Impact  
210.620 210.620 online Accounting and Financial Reporting  
210.650   Advanced Financial Accounting  
220.610   The Firm and the Macroeconomy  
220.620   Economics for Decision Making  
220.720   Financial Econometrics  
230.620   Financial Modeling and Valuation  
230.640   Development Modeling and Risk Analysis  
230.710   Quantitative Financial Analysis  
230.730   Managing Financial Risk  
230.750   Financial Crises and Contagion  
231.620   Corporate Finance  
231.710   Financial Institutions  
231.720   Corporate Governance  
231.740   Mergers and Acquisitions  
231.790   Advanced Corporate Finance  
232.650   Continuous Time Finance  
232.701 232.701 online Investments  
232.710   Derivatives  
232.715   Financial Stability  
232.720   Fixed Income  
232.730   Wealth Management  
232.750   Advanced Portfolio Management  
232.790   Advanced Hedge Fund Strategies  
233.730   Entrepreneurial Finance  
234.610   Real Estate and Infrastructure Finance  
241.610   Real Estate Investment and Development  
241.620   Design and Construction Feasibility  
241.725   Global Perspectives in Real Estate  
241.735   Infrastructure Development for Sustainable Cities  
241.740   Project Finance and Public-Private Infrastructure Delivery  
241.750   Advanced Valuation and Investment Analysis  
242.601   Real Estate Market Feasibility Study  
242.701   Real Estate Investment Trusts: Analysis and Structuring  
242.710   Real Estate Funds and Portfolio Management  
242.715   Real Estate and Infrastructure Valuation  
242.720   Real Estate Capital Market Analysis  
245.790   Real Estate and Infrastructure Capstone  
300.620   Managing Complex Projects  
300.700   Developing Internet Systems and Services  
330.705   Data Networks: Infrastructures & Emerging Technologies  
330.730   Cybersecurity  
330.770   Database Management  
330.790   Applied IS Architecture  
350.620 350.620 online Information Systems  
350.710   IT and Global Sourcing Strategy  
360.701   Competitive Intelligence  
410.601   Marketing Research Instructor notes and an SPSS exercise are available. Email
410.620 410.620 online Marketing Management Instructor notes are available. Email
420.710   Consumer Behavior Instructor notes and grading rubrics are available. Email
420.720   Customer Relationship Management  
420.730   Advanced Behavioral Marketing  
430.710   Branding and Marketing Communications Grading rubrics are available. Email
430.720   Pricing Analysis  
430.740   Sales Force and Channels of Distribution  Grading rubrics are available. Email
450.710   Marketing Strategy Instructor notes are available. Email
450.730   Design Leadership  
450.740   Retail Analytics  
450.750   Strategic Market Intelligence  
450.765   Social Media Analytics  
460.700   Digital Marketing & Social Media  
460.710   Business-to-Business Marketing and Channel Strategy Grading rubrics are available. Email
460.730   New Product Development  
510.601   Statistical Analysis  
510.650   Data Analytics  
520.601   Business Analytics  
520.620   Advanced Business Analytics  
520.710   Big Data Machine Learning  
550.610 550.610 online Health Care Financing  
550.620   The U.S. Health Care System: Past, Present, and Future  
555.710   Applied and Behavioral Economics in Health Care  
610.625   Simulation and Strategic Options  
610.705   Crisis Management  
610.730   Contracting: Incentive Design and Analytics  
610.750   Global Supply Chain Management  
680.620 680.620 online Operations Management  
881.702   Frameworks for Analyzing Health Care Markets  
881.704   Providers and Payers    
881.705   Health Marketing and Access  
881.706   Health Innovation and Evaluation  
883.704   Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals  
883.708   Negotiation in Health Care Settings  
910.610   Accounting Foundations  
910.611   Corporate Finance  
911.610   Marketing Management  
912.610   Competitive Strategy  
912.611   Operations Management  
913.610   Business Analytics  
913.611   Judgment and Decision Making  
914.610   Business Statistics  
920.610   Management of Technology  
921.610   Networked Organizations  
930.610   Effective Communication  
930.630   Solving Organizational Problems  
930.633   Business Microeconomics  
933.610   Thought and Discourse Seminar: Governance and Accountability  

Last Updated: 7/8/19

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