Summer Intensive

The Summer Intensive program is designed to empower international students entering the Carey Business School to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, and work both independently and collaboratively. The program prepares students for academic life at Carey and with social support for life outside of the Carey.

Students will reflect on their learning and plan their personal, professional, and academic development. Throughout the program, students will build social and intercultural knowledge while engaging in individual and team activities. Students will learn about the Carey academic environment and opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Visit our FAQ page for more details.


During the Summer Intensive Program, students will:

  • Apply American academic standards to written and spoken work.
  • Develop an understanding of personal and community values.
  • Navigate life in the U.S. and at Carey.
  • International visitors can view this video on YouKu.


The program cost is $2,900 and covers course fees, books, activities, and some meals.


Summer Intensive programs run during the following weeks:
July 25 - August 12, 2019, Baltimore, Md.
July 29 - August 14, 2019, Washington, D.C.

All sessions are mandatory.

All international students beginning their programs in fall 2019 are required to attend the Carey Business School Summer Intensive unless the student has earned a degree in the U.S. Students earning a degree from U.S. institutions located abroad are required to attend. All international students who are interested in participating are welcome to attend. Students who hold degrees from English-speaking countries and/or universities, or are citizens of English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, may request a waiver. Visit the FAQ page for eligibility requirements.


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