Experiential learning opportunities: Flexible MBA

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Live it to learn it

Gain experience putting your skills to the test solving your client’s business challenges while honing your analytic and leadership skills along the way. Of course, your MBA isn’t just about skills learned— but also the networks you build. Whether you are taking courses online or on campus, experiential learning is your opportunity to connect with your classmates while developing complex problem-solving skills. Collaborate with your peers, work alongside each other, and graduate with a network of peers in your industry and beyond.


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Partner with existing economic and community development projects to position yourself for a career in urban innovation and entrepreneurial business with social impact. LEARN MORE

Health Care Strategy Consulting Practicum

In this two-course series, work as a consultant to address the client’s existing and emerging challenges in the health care space.

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Discovery to Market

Transform a scientific discovery into a viable commercial enterprise.


Global Immersion

Travel abroad to experience international trade policy, financial markets, and more first-hand.


Leadership Development Expedition

Enhance your leadership skills on a nine-day outdoor excursion to Norway or Belize.


Strategy Consulting Practicum

Learn the analytical techniques for diagnosing the competitive position of a business and how to evaluate strategies. Then partner with a client organization analyze their business problems or opportunities and share your recommended strategic business solution.

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Note: Course offerings vary by term and may change.

Non-credit opportunities

Your opportunities don’t end in the classroom. Choose from our co-curricular (non-credit) experiences and fellowships to bolster your experience and expand your network.

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Co-curricular highlights

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Commercialization Academy Fellowship

An incubator for innovation at Johns Hopkins, the Commercialization Academy connects you with faculty, staff, and students across the university to bring over 300 new ideas to fruition and technologies to market each year. 



At the Hexcite early-stage medical software accelerator, match with Johns Hopkins care providers who have an idea to create and market a software solution that improves patient care. Join a team of graduate students from across Johns Hopkins to engage with the new health technology software from every angle and bring the care provider's innovation to market.


Student Startup Challenge

Pitch your proposed business venture for the opportunity to receive over $15,000 toward your concept.