Learning Circles

Learning Circles are the new way to get the help you need in tough quantitative courses.

In learning circles, students meet in small groups with a peer academic consultant who has expertise in the course. The peer academic consultant will answer questions, explain concepts and facilitate learning between classmates. Students can join a learning circle at any point in the semester. Through learning circles, student can get the quantitative help they need while also building community with their peers.

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In a Learning Circle, academic consultants will:

  • Explain quantitative concepts
  • Facilitate learning between students using relevant example problems
  • Encourage student to talk through the process of solving a problem, while correcting any errors in that process

Academic consultants will not:

  • Provide answers to specific homework
  • Offer comprehensive instruction or course overview

During Learning Circles students are expected to:

  • Keep their cameras on and be fully engaged with the academic consultant and their classmates
  • Send questions or materials to the academic consultant before the appointment so that the academic consultant can prepare
  • Be respectful of both the academic consultant and their fellow students

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