The MBA/MS in Biotechnology degree exemplifies the advantage of a Johns Hopkins education—uncovering a deeper perspective through business and science.



3 years (31 courses)


$1,370 per credit (MBA) | $4,074 per course (MS)

Inside Look Into MBA/MS in Biotechnology

Program Features

One of the first programs of its kind in the nation, the Johns Hopkins MBA/MS in Biotechnology program exposes students to a truly interdisciplinary approach to learning. Here, the fundamental and advanced principles of both business and biotechnology converge to provide a greater understanding of the economics driving this emerging technology.

Coursework covers accounting, negotiation, finance, regulatory and legal matters, as well as biochemistry, biostatistics, and bioinformatics. With a perspective informed both by business and science, students work and learn in a team-oriented cohort. Offered in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the program equips them with the expertise and the confidence to become innovative managers in the biotechnology field.

Degree Requirements

Graduates earn two Johns Hopkins degrees, mastering areas such as biochemistry, biostatistics, and bioinformatics while developing critical business skills in areas such as accounting, finance, negotiation, and regulatory and legal matters.

Offered through the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Carey Business School, the program allows you to earn two advanced degrees in less time than it takes to earn them separately. The program is specially designed to fit the schedules of working adults, following a curriculum sequence that allows you to complete both degrees in three years.

MS in Biotechnology Program Requirements

  • Four Core Courses:
    • Biochemistry
    • Cellular Biology I
    • Cellular Biology II
    • Molecular Biology
  • Two Science Electives
  • Four Concentration Courses or four general electives

View detailed MS in Biotechnology degree requirements here.

For more information, contact the Advanced Academic Programs Admissions office at

Carey MBA Program Requirements

Courses are offered online and at the Carey Business School’s Washington, D.C. or Baltimore campuses.

Online sections of Business Communication, Leadership in Organizations, and Negotiation also require attendance at an in-person residency on the Baltimore campus.

Business Foundations (15 Courses; 30 Credits)

Students must take the following courses. All courses are 2 credits.

  • BU.210.620 Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • BU.120.601 Business Communication (For online students, this course has a residency component.)
  • BU.132.601 Business Law
  • BU.131.601 Business Leadership & Human Values
  • BU.231.620 Corporate Finance (Prerequisite: BU.210.620 Acc. & Fin. Reporting)
  • BU.520.601 Decision Models (Prerequisite: BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis)
  • BU.220.620 Economics for Decision Making (Prerequisite: BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis)
  • BU.350.620 Information Systems
  • BU.142.620 Leadership in Organizations (For online students, this course has a residency component.)
  • BU.410.620 Marketing Management
  • BU.121.610 Negotiation (For online students, this course has a residency component.)
  • BU.680.620 Operation Management (Prerequisite: BU.520.601 Decision Models)
  • IBU.510.601 Statistical Analysis*
  • BU.220.610 The Firm and the Macro-economy

*Biotechnology students who complete AS.410.645 Biostatistics may take an additional Carey Business Elective in place of BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis. Notify your academic advisor when you complete AS.410.645 so your record is updated accordingly.

MBA Electives or Concentrations (9 Courses; 18 credits)

Students may complete 12 elective credits or 12 MBA concentration credits. Students planning to complete an MBA concentration should notify their MBA academic advisor. Contact your advisor or admissions office for details about concentration course lists and prerequisites.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Businesses**
  • Health Care Management**
  • Management / Leading Orgs**
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate and Infrastructure

**The only concentrations currently offered online are: Health Care Management, Leading Orgs, and Financial Businesses.

For a detailed curriculum overview, visit the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences program website.

Tuition & Fees

MBA Tuition

Applicants to the program should refer to the Carey Business School Tuition and Fees chart for current MBA tuition amounts.

MS in Biotechnology Tuition

Tuition and fee information for the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences is available here.

We offer a variety of financial aid programs, including scholarships, loans, and work study opportunities. For more information about financial aid for this program, please click here.

How to Apply

Applications for the MBA/MS in Biotechnology dual-degree program must submitted to the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Advanced Academic Programs. The admissions committees of both schools will review each application.

To apply, visit the Advanced Academic Programs admissions page.

For more information, call 202-452-1940 or email

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