The JD/MBA degree offers a powerful, multi-disciplined approach to learning that merges the innovative thinking of two top institutions.



4 years


$58,700/year (GMBA) | JD tuition varies based on residency

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$100 Application Fee (JD program, full-time)

$500 Matriculation Fee (GMBA, full-time program)

Inside Look Into JD/MBA

Program Features

Better business through a legal lens.

The JD/MBA program was designed for students who want to pursue a leadership position in the legal field. Offered in conjunction with the nationally-ranked University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, the JD/MBA provides students with the foundation to pursue careers that encompass the practice of business and law in corporate, nonprofit, and government settings including:

  • Managing a legal practice
  • Financing and delivering existing and new legal services
  • Establishing law practices

This integrated course of study is rigorously grounded in the fundamentals of smart business—strategy, economics, finance, marketing, and operations. Combined with core disciplines of law, such as civil procedure, constitutional law, property and criminal law, contracts, and torts, the JD/MBA is a degree program that offers unparalleled insight into the overlap of law and business in society.

Earn both the Global MBA and the JD together in less time and at less expense than it would take to earn them separately—the program can be completed in just four years.

Expand your career options.

Law firms look at such skills as leadership, negotiating skills, and new business development when hiring and promoting. Legal counsel in corporate and nonprofit venues must possess a sound understanding of an organization’s business structure and operations. Whether your career tracks toward a legal or business organization, the skills and knowledge you take from the JD/MBA will position you for advancement opportunities while offering the flexibility to transfer between fields.

The program will also help to expand your professional network, introducing you to classmates, instructors, and other professionals who are connected to exclusive opportunities and resources. Many of your classmates are destined to be tomorrow’s CEOs, CFOs, partners, government officials, judges, and other influential professionals.

Education with a reputation.

You’ll benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of two of the most respected and distinctive schools in their fields. They share a common vision and mission inspired by their mutual benefactor Wm. Polk Carey—a dedication to the advancement of humankind through research and discovery, firm ethical and moral standards, and a fundamental commitment to the public good, regardless of  professional focus.

The Carey Business School

The Carey Business School is built on the principles and practices of the Johns Hopkins University—one of the world’s most renowned institutions of higher learning. The first research-based university in the United States, Johns Hopkins has produced countless leaders in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, education, the arts—and business. 

Its exceptional faculty, expanded curriculum, and experiential learning opportunities offer you an intimate understanding of the relationship between your success and the impact it makes on society.

The Francis King Carey School of Law

Founded in 1816, The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law (UMCSL) ranks as the third-oldest law school in the nation. Home of some of the nation’s most dynamic programs and a standout faculty, the law school community is both diverse and congenial. Approximately half of its students come from outside of Maryland, including a large international contingent. Together, they represent more than 100 undergraduate schools.

The school’s nationally ranked Clinical Law Program, the first in the nation to receive the John Minor Wisdom Award, the American Bar Association's leading public service honor, introduces students to a broad spectrum of industry disciplines and scenarios. Each year, program faculty lead students in providing more than 100,000 hours of free legal services to the community, making the program one of the region's largest public interest firms. Students work alongside faculty members on real-life cases, gaining a unique combination of theoretical study and practical experience, affording them an invaluable head start in their legal careers. 

Sample Curriculum

Curriculum Requirements

Students must complete the first year of the JD program curriculum before starting coursework in the other program. With prior consultation and approval from the JD/MBA Academic Program Committee, a student may create alternative course sequencing after completion of the first year.

You must complete all of the degree requirements at both schools before receiving either your JD or MBA degree. Students admitted to the dual-degree program will receive nine credits from the Global MBA program applied to the JD requirements, and 12 credits from the JD program applied to the Global MBA requirements. This reduces the time to earn the degree from five years (if the degrees were pursued separately), to four years. All credits applied to the MBA or JD degree from the corresponding program are subject to approval of the JD/MBA Academic Program Committee and the completion of all degree requirements.

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School requires 54 credits to satisfy MBA requirements in the Global MBA program, 12 of which may be applied from the UMCSL program for an JD/MBA student. However, this is neither a special waiver nor exemption from any of the Carey Business School graduation requirements. A dual-degree student must complete the equivalent of three full-time semesters at the Carey Business School, including all required courses.

The University of Maryland Carey School of Law requires 85 credits to satisfy JD graduation requirements, nine of which may be applied from the MBA program for an JD/MBA student. However, this is neither a special waiver nor exemption from any of the graduation requirements. A dual-degree student must complete the equivalent of five full-time semesters at UMCSL, including all required courses.

If a student begins the dual degree program but makes a decision to withdraw from the Carey Global MBA program, the student may receive the JD degree as long as the student completes all of the JD requirements. A JD student may apply up to nine credits from another graduate or professional school toward the 85 credits necessary for graduation if the student obtains preapproval to take those credits from the UMCSL registrar, even if the student is not enrolled in the dual degree program. If a student makes a decision to withdraw from the JD program, the student may receive the MBA degree but must complete 54 credits at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

Most JD/MBA students will follow one of the schedule outlined below:

Typical Dual-Degree Plan

You’ll start by completing the first year of the JD program before pursuing the first year of the MBA program in the second year. The core business disciplines covered in the first year Global MBA curriculum of the Carey School will provide knowledge in major business areas including finance, accounting, operations, marketing, and strategy, as well as allow you to complete the innovation for Humanity program, an international experiential consulting project.

In the fall semester of the fourth year, you’ll complete the academic requirements of the Global MBA program, taking a combination of core and elective courses. 

Semester 1

Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8

Tuition & Fees

MBA Tuition

For Academic Year 2019-2020

Applicants to the program should refer to the Carey Business School Tuition and Fees chart for current Global MBA tuition amounts.

JD Tuition

Tuition and fee information for the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law is available here.

We offer a variety of financial aid programs, including scholarships, loans, and work study opportunities. For more information about financial aid for this program, please click here

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