Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

two people in a study area, one is giving feedback to the other

Course Features

This course provides participants with the knowledge and tools to foster meaningful feedback at work. Participants will examine the advantages and common barriers to effective feedback in organizational settings, and learn research-backed strategies for improving feedback conversations. In addition to live, synchronous sessions with discussion and exercises, participants will complete a self-paced professional development module, which will guide them through a personalized process of identifying, seeking, and incorporating feedback into their professional lives.

All courses include:

  • Industry-leading faculty

  • Collaborative learning

  • Research-driven results

  • Lifelong connections

  • Practical applications

  • Custom solution

Program Details

Who should attend

  • Managers and leaders are interested in adapting a structured model for giving and receiving feedback in a way that assures accountability and behavior change.

What you will learn

  • Possess a stronger understanding of the importance of feedback for organizational and professional success, grounded in cutting-edge research in organizational science
  • Develop and practice concrete strategies for delivering effective feedback in organizational settings
  • Develop and practice strategies for seeking, receiving, and integrating feedback into their own professional growth


Eric Helzer portraiat

Erik Helzer, PhD

Executive Education Faculty, Carey Business School

Erik Helzer, PhD (Cornell University), is currently researching moral character, ethical behavior, and belief accuracy at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He received the Social Psychology Student Publication Award and the Sage Graduate Fellowship from Cornell University, among other awards. His research has been published in academic journals, including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and Theory and Research in Education.


Christopher Meyers portrait

Christopher G. Myers, PhD

Associate Professor and Academic Director of Executive Education, Carey Business School

Christopher G. Myers, PhD (Management & Organizations, University of Michigan) is an assistant professor and academic director of Executive Education at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with joint faculty appointments in the School of Medicine and Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. His research explores questions of learning, development, and innovation in organizations, as well as how people learn vicariously from others’ knowledge and experience at work.