Course Features

Change is inevitable. Learn to lead through it.

Leading change is one of the hardest challenges for leaders. Our three-day Leading Organizational Change is a journey into the state-of-the-art technologies for personal and organizational transformation. This course introduces contemporary systems of thought for approaching change effectively in your organization, department or team, away from the traditional top down approach.

Delivered in a dynamic, experiential way and grounded in the latest research on strategy formation and organizational change management, you can expect a gentle nudge to get out of your comfort zone as you experience in real life the eight tools we teach in this class.

As you stretch beyond your assumptions and embrace ambiguity, the diagnostic and intervention frameworks and concepts from this class will give you true inspiration and concrete suggestions to apply the next day to your own challenge of change.

All courses include:

  • Industry-leading faculty
  • Collaborative learning
  • Research-driven results
  • Lifelong connections
  • Practical applications
  • Custom solutions

Leading Organizational Change teaches state-of-the-art technologies to show you how to bring change to your organization.

Program Details

Who should attend:

  • Teams wrestling with implementing or accelerating change initiatives
  • Managers charged with implementing a restructure or change initiative and curious to learn new strategies
  • Executives struggling to engage their organization in a much-needed redefinition of the internal culture
  • People who seek to enhance their own capacities for exercising leadership

What you will learn

  • Explore personal perceptions, ideologies and narratives about change 
  • Build an initial understanding of the fundamentals of strategic change and the key models of leading organizational change
  • Understand the complexities of change problem solving
  • Build your skill-set for leading change, and improve your capacity to diagnose situations as a premise for effective change work
  • Understand the challenge of culture change, and the foundational role of finding your own voice when deploying yourself for change
  • Enhance your capacity to act with power, deepening your political skills to influence others and respond to the opposition
  • Explore how to build consensus, strengthen relationships and frame a change narrative for your change project
  • Become familiar with the Change Canvas, a tool to involve people, deploy yourself and keep learning at the center of the work of change


Adriano Pianesi

Adriano Pianesi, MBA

Adjunct Professor, Carey Business School

Adriano Pianesi has 20 years of leadership development, team coaching, and change experience built on capacity development, possibility thinking, and sound strategy. A member of the Society for Organizational Learning, Pianesi holds an MBA in Communication and Group Dynamics from the University of Milan. Pianesi trained at Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and the Art of Hosting, where he refined his repertoire of experiential and innovative teaching practices. His consulting practice has helped leaders work for change by harnessing the powers of conflict, diversity, and complexity. Among his clients are Microsoft, Philip Morris International, the World Bank Group, Rotary International, Pan-American Health Organization, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, U.S. Marine Corps.