Personal Finance for Professionals

three students sitting at a table in a study room with a laptop

Course Features

This personal finance course empowers you to make better financial decisions for yourself and your family. The course covers a broad selection of financial literacy topics, including, among others: financial planning, investing, budgeting, retirement planning, saving for children’s college education, managing household and student debt, assessing insurance needs (life, disability, home, auto), and engaging constructively with financial advisors (or reducing your reliance on them, depending on your preference).

    All courses include:

    • Industry-leading faculty
    • Collaborative learning
    • Research-driven results
    • Lifelong connections
    • Practical applications
    • Custom solution

    Program Details

    Who should attend

    • Anyone interested in learning how to build a budget, set spending and saving goals, and investing to get more from your money.

    What you will learn

    • Write a household financial plan
    • Track your household’s net worth (net wealth) over time in a balance sheet and project its growth into the future
    • Prioritize debt repayment
    • Create and maintain a household budget helping you to live within your means
    • Prepare for retirement
    • Deal with financial advisors
    • Select insurance coverage


    Yuval Bar-Or

    Yuval Bar-Or, PhD

    Professor, Carey Business School

     Yuval Bar-Or is an expert in risk management, corporate turnarounds, and financial literacy. Prior to joining the Carey Business School, he was a managing director and held senior strategy and product management responsibilities at several New York-based companies. He received his PhD in Finance from the Wharton School.