Persuasive Communication

Persuasive Communication

Course Features

Persuasive techniques at your fingertips

In the business world, everything comes down to the ability to persuade. In order to succeed, your ideas and recommendations must be presented in the most effective way possible. Don't sell your ideas—or yourself—short.

Our Persuasive Communication course will teach you how to convince others to see things your way. Learn how to craft a compelling argument and make a strong case for your point of view. Collaborate with industry peers as you use persuasive techniques to develop a business proposal or product pitch. If you’re a professional who relies on your ability to influence and persuade others, this course is for you.

This course satisfies a requirement for the Executive Certificate in Business Communication.

Every course includes:

  • Industry-leading faculty

  • Collaborative learning

  • Research-driven results

  • Lifelong connections

  • Practical applications

  • Custom solutions

Through Persuasive Communication, learn to convince your clients and colleagues to support your business goals, to believe in you, and to build trust in your organization while gaining a better understanding of how to effectively influence others through impactful messaging and powerful presentations.


Who should attend

  • Professionals who routinely pitch ideas, projects, and proposals
  • Rising managers looking to advance their careers
  • Individuals looking to increase their influence at work

What you will learn

  • Explore the science of persuasive communication
  • Identify the needs and concerns of your target audience
  • Develop a compelling argument using logical and emotional appeals
  • Build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Convert business pitches into business wins


Steven Cohen

Steven D. Cohen, PhD

Associate Professor, Carey Business School

Steven Cohen, PhD is a leading expert on persuasive communication and effective presentation skills. A two-time author, he’s been featured in The Financial Times, Slate, and the BBC Radio documentary, “Churchill’s Secret Cabinet,” among other media. He holds a PhD in Communication from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in public policy from Harvard University. Before joining Carey Business School, he held strategic roles at Bank of America and IBM Global Business Services.