Argumentation and Advocacy

2 seated women one listening and the other with expressive hands speaking

Course Features

Articulate ideas and understand your peers

Argument is often considered to be a moment of conflict akin to fighting, but it can also be a means of exploration, collaboration, and growth. This course will explore strategies and approaches that can help participants become more confident, comfortable, and capable when engaging in (and formulating) arguments. Participants will discuss how to make and respond to arguments, how to persuade audiences, and how digital technologies impact have impacted argumentation in modern society. The role of evidence and misinformation will also be discussed, giving participants an understanding of how to prove, verify, and critique claims.

Program Details

Who should attend

  • Writers, researchers, and analysts
  • Development and fundraising officers
  • Community organizers
  • Health care providers
  • Sales professionals
  • Spokespeople and organizational representatives
  • Lobbyists and influencers
  • Hiring and procurement officers

What you will learn

  • Construct and present clear, focused, and concise arguments
  • Critique and assess an argument’s validity
  • Develop and present questions intended to persuade audiences
  • Identify and respond to misinformation


Taylor Hahn

Taylor Hahn, Ph.D.

Executive Education Faculty, Carey Business School

Taylor Hahn, Ph.D., is the Director of the Communication program. Dr. Hahn has taught at Johns Hopkins University since 2016, and his areas of research include argument, debate, civic engagement, and the roles and trajectories of higher education in contemporary society. He has also served as Director of Civic Engagement at the Ben Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Institute, a U.S. State Department program focused on debate training and civic engagement.

Taylor is co-author of Finding Your Voice: A Comprehensive Guide to Collegiate Policy Debate, a textbook published through IDEBATE Press that is used across the globe to introduce high school and college-age students to debate and argumentation.

As an argument and debate scholar, Taylor has presented his research at conferences in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe and published across national and international platforms. He has coached debaters to win the National Debate Tournament and continues to work with public debate programs to facilitate positive, deliberative environments across the world. Taylor earned his doctorate in Communication from the University of Pittsburgh and Masters in Communication from Wake Forest University. He resides in College Park, Maryland with his partner Jade.