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Be a force for change in your organization.

Our Leadership in Action course is action-focused in content and delivery. More than ever, professionals must be able to empower people to lead with extraordinary poise, heart, and skill. Leadership in Action provides professionals with a powerful new foundation, key diagnostic concepts, action strategies informed by cutting-edge research, and extraordinary new beginnings beyond your traditional ways to lead.

The program is an opportunity to think deeply about your own leadership, purpose, and "default" reactions and to develop new ways of approaching the complex challenge of strengthening the capacity of others in today’s evolving, interdependent world. Designed for professionals from a wide range of organizations and sectors the course takes an immersive, experiential approach to leadership, and participants are expected to help shape conversation, identify and question their own ideas about leadership, and exercise leadership throughout the program in a highly-interactive learning environment (without Power Point.)

All courses include:

  • Industry-leading faculty
  • Collaborative learning
  • Research-driven results
  • Lifelong connections
  • Practical applications
  • Custom solutions

Leadership in Action is an immersive course that teaches you how to intervene and how to act as a leader in your organization.

Program Details

Who should attend

  • Individuals attempting to exercise leadership in their organization in everyday situations
  • Teams wrestling with implementing or accelerating the innovative ideas
  • Rising managers seeking to enhance their leadership capacities and individual skills
  • Managers and Executives ready to act courageously in risky situations, by connecting to their own sources of inspiration and commitment

What you will learn

  • Diagnose the evolving dynamics of the class itself as a case-in-point for collective learning, problem solving, and change
  • Tap into others’ aspirations while working with the pressing disorienting realities of the work of leadership
  • Respond productively to opposition without losing focus and by staying anchored in enduring values while renewing trust
  • Mobilize stakeholders to work adaptively to build new capacity
  • Create instant collaboration through a unique peer learning framework aimed at reflecting in action with peers
  • Deepen your own ability to reflect in action by experiencing both the “perspirational” and “inspirational” aspects of leadership

At A Glance

Course Details

Locations may vary.
2-day course


Tuition Remission

Johns Hopkins University employees are eligible for 100 percent tuition remission. Johns Hopkins Health System employees receive a 20 percent discount. For more information on discounts, registration, and cancellation policy, please view our Policies.

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