Student Initiative Explores Meaning Behind “Business with Humanity in Mind”


Since its earliest days, the Carey Business School has been known as the place, “Where business is taught with humanity in mind.” The motto captures the guiding principle of the school, which is to educate business leaders who will also be exemplary citizens. It is also in keeping with the vision of the school’s benefactor, William P. Carey, who believed in, “Doing good while doing well.”

In April, Carey’s Student Government Association (SGA) launched the OneCarey initiative to help fellow students understand and explore the meaning of the “business with humanity in mind” concept for themselves. They hosted the daylong One Carey Symposium, which invited business executives and Carey alumni to reflect on how they have defined “business with humanity in mind” in their own careers, as well as discuss some of the ethical challenges they have been confronted with in the workplace.

“I really care about the motto and mission of the Carey Business School to improve society, whether that is in finance, or health care, or the non-profit space. OneCarey was our vehicle for making this happen,” said Gavyn Ooi, SGA president and one of the organizers of OneCarey. Ooi, who will be completing the Global MBA program in May 2017, spearheaded the OneCarey initiatives along with fellow MBA students Bradley Waters, Jenny Yu, Andrew Hinton, and Marcus Tan.

Saad Alam, CEO of CiteLighter, was invited to participate in the One Carey panel discussion. Alam founded CiteLighter, an online education service, to help students and teachers with writing.

“When I looked at everything I wanted to do in my life, had to do with impact and giving back,” said Alam. “Did I want to be financially successful all around? Absolutely. I wanted to do something that helps people realize their untapped potential that they currently have inside themselves. That’s exciting to me.”

Alam also said he was impressed with the insights shared by Carey students and the other panelists in attendance. “I didn’t understand how the concept of business with humanity was being applied. What I realized is that this is thread that runs through every single thing these students are doing. It is wonderful that they’re bring these students together on a Saturday morning at Carey and you are literally talking about ‘how do you do the right thing and be successful in business.’ That’s very exciting,” said Alam.

In addition to organizing the OneCarey Symposium, the students conducted surveys and focus groups to analyze attitudes toward the “business with humanity in mind” concept.

“I want to commend our students for their initiative and for their hard work in developing the One Carey concept,” said Kiera Hynninen, Associate Dean for Global Marketing and Communications at the Carey Business School. “‘Business with humanity in mind’ has always been an important part of the Carey identity. I think it is wonderful our students are so invested in the concept and to making the idea come alive for others.”

The students plan to produce a white paper on their findings to present to the school’s leadership later in the spring.

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