Ravi Aron Comments on India’s Fintech Boom


CAREY Info Systems Expert IS Interviewed for Article on Digital-Payment TREND

The use of digital mobile devices to make real-time money transfers is booming internationally, and India exemplifies the trend.

As Carey Business School Associate Professor Ravi Aron notes in an interview with Knowledge@Wharton, the nation is underserved by traditional banking services, but the internet connectivity of many millions of Indians could provide them with the financial tools they had lacked. 

"There is no compelling reason why new retail financial customers must go through the same sequence of physical banking channels, credit and debit cards, internet and mobile financial services such as ewallets, apps, and money transfer mechanisms," Aron says in the article titled "What's Driving India's Fintech Boom?"
He adds: "An entire generation of Indians leapfrogged the use of personal computers and laptops to connect to the internet via mobile devices. A similar leapfrogging could take place in certain categories of financial services such as payments, lending, and wealth management."  
Read the full article here, which includes additional comments by Ravi Aron.

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