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Carey Education Prepares MBA Students for Global Stage

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s full-time MBA program is called the Global MBA, a name that, according to charter class alumnus Youpeng Fu, couldn’t be more appropriate.

“The best thing about Carey is that it really prepares you to do business on a global stage,” Fu said. “It is very much a global experience. We have students from all over the world that all come together at Carey. My experiences with them have helped me to understand how to do business on the local level.”

Fu, a graduate of the 2012 Global MBA class, has needed every bit of those experiences in his post-Carey career as he’s lived in the United States, Singapore, Australia, Japan and China. All in just four years.

Upon graduation, Fu was hired by a U.S.-based company called Videology, an internet technology company that provides market insights for television and video marketers. He said the Carey career development office helped him land the job. His main responsibility in this role was to establish Videology offices in various Asian-Pacific markets.

Fu said that the discrepancies between internet access in places like China and the U.S. complicated his work, but that his experiences at Carey were vital to facing these challenges.

“If we came to China with the mentality that our technology is the best and tried to follow guidelines and experiences from other markets, it wouldn’t work,” he said. “Chinese clients believe China is different, so you need to be humble and take the time to think about how to integrate yourself into the local business environment.”

He added: “Being at Carey and working with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds really enabled me to engage with the local market pretty quickly and figure out how to integrate ourselves into the local ecosystem. I had classmates from different parts of the globe, and each one has a different culture and work experience.”

Carey currently has students from more than 60 countries worldwide.

He added that the Global MBA’s Innovation for Humanity course was a powerful education tool. During the course, students serve as business consultants to organizations in developing countries; the course culminates in a three-week visit abroad.

“We had an opportunity to work in Kenya and Rwanda consulting for hospitals. It was my first time working with businesses from the other side of the world; learning how their businesses perform and what their challenges were was enlightening,” he said.

Fu said this concept of empathy and understanding is tied into his interpretation of Carey’s mission: to teach business with humanity in mind.

“Teaching business with humanity in mind really should answer: How are we going to make business more sustainable as opposed to short-term profits? How are you going to respect your counterpart and people with a different knowledge and background? For me, it means you need to be humble and willing to understand others’ position.”

Fu now works as the head of media solutions for Longbow Big Data, a joint venture between China’s leading mobile data company, GeTui; and the world’s leading communication services group, WPP. He is based in Shanghai. 

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