Jerry Zhang


Carey BBA Program Provides Real Opportunities for Students

When Jerry Zhang first visited the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, he didn’t know much about the school or its mission to “teach business with humanity in mind.”

But after the visit was over, he knew that Carey was the place he wanted to be. In the two years since he enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, a two-year undergraduate program, Zhang has not regretted his decision.

In fact, he’s doubled down on Carey; he plans to enroll in the school’s graduate Master of Science Real Estate and Infrastructure program upon his graduation from the BBA program in May. His reasons for continuing at Carey are manifold. But perhaps above all is the school’s refreshing approach to business education.

“This school has taught me a lot about how to conduct business as a human,” he said. “It has changed the way I think, and that change will impact the way I make decisions in the future.”

Among Carey’s many strengths, says Zhang, is the impact and commitment of the faculty. He credits his professors greatly for encouraging his personal development and cultivating his interest in real estate.

“What struck me when I first visited here were the faculty; they were very friendly and very passionate about what they were doing,” Zhang said. “When it comes to my interest in real estate, Carey helped me develop that interest. My relationships with the professors – I knew if I had any questions about the industry, I could ask them and get answers.”

Zhang added that his professors foster a collaborative and interactive learning environment in the classroom; he believes this will prepare him well for his career.

“All the professors push the students to participate in the class, to be energetic so we are used to a business environment,” he said.

Zhang also lauded Carey’s career development office, which he said played a large supporting role in his landing two internships.

“My career development coach really pushed me to get out there. The school has so many connections to outside companies – I was recommended some networking events, which really helped me,” he said.

Another advantage to Carey’s BBA program, said Zhang, is its location in Washington, D.C. He said the D.C. campus provides a lot of opportunities for aspirational and entrepreneurial students.

“There are a lot of big companies, and a lot of intelligent and energetic people in D.C.,” he said. “There is always so much going on here, and as a student, the opportunities are there for you to participate.”

Posted on August 1, 2016 In Bachelor of Business Administration, Student Story