Carey’s Mario Macis Again Receives JHU Discovery Award




For the second time in three years, Johns Hopkins University has named Carey Business School Associate Professor Mario Macis a recipient of a Discovery Award, a unique grant that supports collaborations among researchers from various divisions of the university.

Macis (right) and his research partners ― Professor Daniel Brennan, Associate Professor Andrew Cameron, Assistant Professor Macey Henderson, and Assistant Professor Cozumel Pruette of the School of Medicine, and Assistant Professor Mara DeMarco McAdams of the Bloomberg School of Public Health ― were recognized for their project “A Mobile Directly Observed Therapy Smartphone App for Immunosuppression Adherence in Transplant Patients.”

In all, Discovery Awards were given to 30 teams comprising a total of 108 individuals. Nearly 200 proposals were submitted.

Since the inception of the awards program in 2015, a Carey faculty member has been chosen as a recipient each year: Tinglong Dai in 2015, Macis in 2016, and Roman Galperin in 2017.

Macis, who earned his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago in 2007, also has received a Johns Hopkins Catalyst Award. That grant program, also introduced in 2015, supports research by outstanding faculty members in the early phase of their careers. Macis was recognized that year for his work on the intersection of economics and bioethics.

To read more about the 2018 Discovery Awards, see this announcement from the university.

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