Carey Team Advances to National Finals in CFA Challenge


Carey Team Advances to National Finals in CFA Challenge

A team of Carey Business School students competed in the national finals of the CFA Institute’s Research Challenge in Seattle in April. The trip culminated in the team’s advancing to the final round and placing in the top 10 in the Americas region.

The CFA Institute’s Research Challenge is an annual global competition that tasks students with researching and analyzing a publicly traded company. The teams are asked to assign the company with a buy, sell, or hold recommendation, and then defend it against queries from a panel of industry professionals.

The Carey team traveled to Seattle on April 6 and 7 as the representative of the CFA Baltimore/Washington DC chapter after placing first in the local challenge on February 24. In Seattle, the Carey team advanced out of the semi-final round and into the final round for the Americas region, placing them in the top 10 of the 53 teams in their division.

The Carey team consisted of five students: Jing Chi, a student in the MBA program and a graduate of the MS in Finance program; and four Global MBA students ― Mo Bai, Shanhe Huang, Rajat Parashar, and Ran Wei. The group’s faculty adviser was Professor Su Chan.

The competition required each team to research and prepare a report on a publicly traded company. The report was then presented to a panel of judges.

Chi said participating in the challenge was more than just an item on her resume, and that she gained valuable experience that will help her career.

“As a team, we all devoted our time and effort into the competition, and leveraged our own strengths,” Chi said. “Our team cooperated to blend different skill sets together to produce collective achievement.”

Chan said the students showed that they are among “the best and the brightest.”

“Throughout the competition, our students exhibited strong equity research, financial modeling, valuation, and investment report writing and presentation skills,” Chan said. “They also demonstrated good teamwork, the ability to leverage each other’s strengths, and to think quickly on their feet during the Q&A part of the presentation.”

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