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Carey Career Fair Draws Employers and Students Together

More than 350 graduate business students and 41 employers attended the third annual Carey Business School Career Fair on Feb. 17. The event was organized by Carey’s Career Development office so students could connect to employers from a variety of industries.

The four-hour event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore. Employers from a variety of industries were in attendance, including companies like Morgan Stanley, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Transamerica, and Highmark Health. More than half the employers had attended previous Carey career fairs, an indication, some say, of the quality of Carey students.

“We’ve always been so impressed with the students here,” said Freya Bayer, a corporate recruiter with Morgan Stanley. “The students come very well prepared; they do their homework on Morgan Stanley and come with lots of great questions, which we love.”

Eric Dellich, a recruiter with Highmark Health, expressed a similar sentiment. Highmark, founded in 2013, is the nation’s third-largest health care delivery financing system. Highmark is the parent company of HM Health Solutions, a technology and consulting company that has hired a number of Carey students for full-time positions from both the MBA and MS Health Care Management programs.

When asked why Highmark hires so many Carey students, Dellich cited the reviews he gets from colleagues about the performance of Carey alumni on the job.

“It boils down to the caliber of student you get,” he said. “When these students come in, they are able to take on projects pretty early into their career. They come in with a baseline understanding of how to run a project, how to hit client deliverables. And we are also comfortable putting them in front of a client early on as well.”

Most employers cited similar characteristics in what they look for in prospective employees. For many, it comes down to mix of technical aptitude, enthusiasm and preparedness, and communication skills.

“We look for students that work hard, work well in teams, and are able to communicate well,” said Noor Amr, campus relations and recruiting coordinator with Transamerica. “We’ve had success getting interns [that became full-time employees] in our actuarial area, and our technology department is very interested in recruiting here.”

Bayer agreed that communication skills are important.

“We look for a mix of technical savvy and communication skills,” she said. “Having someone who is good at Excel and analyzing big data sets, but also being able to pick up the phone and call a client to explain, in layman’s terms, all of that technical information – that’s what we are looking for.”

Bayer was also complimentary of Carey’s Career Development staff.

“The career services staff does such a good job of prepping employers and working with us to find that fit. Fit is huge for us,” she said.

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