Meet Ashlee Reilly


Ashlee Reilly was a research manager at Moody’s Investors Service when she realized she wanted to move to credit ratings, but she needed more hard-financial skills to make the move. Reilly decided to pursue an MBA at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School to gain the experience she needed to make a change.

Living in New York, Ashlee enrolled in online courses in Carey’s Flexible MBA program. The investment paid off – Ashlee was promoted to Associate Analyst while enrolled in the program.

“I found a lot of the material I was learning in class I could directly apply to my new position,” she said.

During her time at Carey, Ashlee said she valued visiting Carey’s Harbor East campus for the online courses with residencies. She said she enjoyed the opportunity to meet in-person with classmates she had only interacted with virtually.

“What I really enjoyed about the program is that not everyone is doing the same thing that I’m doing. It was nice because people, since they had different backgrounds, were able to share ideas in different ways,” she said.

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Posted on April 2, 2019 In Flexible MBA, Student Story, Prospective Students