Jasmine Warmington,
 Carey Student


The Master’s in Real Estate and Infrastructure.

Jasmine’s drive attracted the attention of recruiters for the Johns Hopkins volleyball team. But what happened when she suffered a career-ending leg injury? She got back up. She found a new drive. Now, she’s enrolled as a graduate student at the Carey Business School.

Drive is what moves you forward, even when you’re not certain what’s next.

The MS in Real Estate and Infrastructure: Drive Required.

It takes drive to pursue a career in real estate. Our students have plenty of it. We challenge them to analyze quickly, and act quickly. To ask “how” and, more importantly, “why not” when faced with opportunities.

The Master of Science in Real Estate and Infrastructure at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is one of the few graduate programs of its kind to be hosted within a business school. It distinguishes itself from other courses in real estate by offering the kind of academic rigor you’d expect from a graduate business education—and the prestige associated with Johns Hopkins University’s global network of 200,000 alumni.

Our curriculum goes beyond typical real estate training to broaden horizons with an understanding of all aspects of real estate and infrastructure. Our students don’t just learn how to close deals, they gain a full spectrum of skills and knowledge to help them thrive in real estate careers regardless of market conditions.

MS in Real Estate and Infrastructure graduates have gone on to start or advance their careers as brokers, project managers, asset management advisers, analysts, and planners. Our Career Development team will take a personal interest in your education—and your professional goals—providing you with one-on-one support to help you thrive before and after graduation.

The program offers both full-time and part-time enrollment as a part of a cohort of peers.

If you’ve got drive, study real estate and infrastructure at the institution that’s driven society’s growth for 140 years.

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School: Teaching Business With Humanity In Mind.

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    “Carey provides varied approaches to management which will both develop my leadership skills and broaden my perspective.”
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    “The Marine Corps Infantry instilled a sense of multidisciplinary problem solving which Johns Hopkins helped me to build upon with their curriculum.”
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    “I knew that I had what it takes to be a successful leader. All I needed was global exposure. Here I am fulfilling my dream.”
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    “The mission of the Carey Business School—Business With Humanity In Mind—challenges me to think of the implications of my actions and forces me to make decisions that take into account the greater good over my own personal enrichment.”
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    “Carey offered a progressive outlook on business and its role in society. I hope to use the skills learned in business school to better the lives of others, and Carey spoke to that.”
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    “I cannot believe all I have learned, all of the wonderful people I have met, and all I have been able to do because of Carey.”
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    “I wanted the structure and expertise that Hopkins had to offer in helping me pursue a business career. After having an incredible Hopkins undergraduate experience, I knew that continuing my education here would help me pursue anything I wanted to after graduation.”