AN MS IN MARKETING with humanity in mind

People crave stories. Learn which ones connect with a Master's in Marketing rooted in behavioral science and powered by analytics.

Your Toolkit For Driving Connections

Everywhere people go, they are awash in messaging, inundated by a ceaseless torrent of commerce-driven information. How will you connect with them?

The MS in Marketing at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School connects multiple disciplines—and harnesses the research firepower of one of the most respected research universities in the world—to help you root effective marketing decisions in customer insights, driven by data and analytics.

It's not enough to tell a good story. You have to know who you're speaking to and why. You have to translate the story into action.

Our program builds the in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills you need to create and implement targeted strategies in today's rapidly evolving marketplace. You'll learn to build customer datasets and conduct advanced analytics. You'll discover the tools to manage brand audits, assess brand equity, and develop innovative branding strategies for the products and services you're passionate about.

You'll learn how to tell stories that people pay attention to. Stories that need telling.

Learn more about the MS in Marketing degree program built to help you forge connections while everybody else is feeding clutter.