Appointments are 30 minutes and are limited to 1 appointment per day. This allows you to receive assistance, apply skills discussed in the appointment at home, and then schedule another appointment for additional feedback if needed.

  • You may schedule up to 3 writing appointments per week.
  • During busy times, appointments may be limited to 2 per week to accommodate the needs of all students.
  • You must be present during an appointment; tutors do not review papers submitted electronically or dropped off to the SSC.
  • Tutors can review 2-4 pages during each appointment. If you have a longer paper, you should schedule multiple appointments throughout the week. 


Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance by logging into TutorTrac. Appointments not cancelled within 24 hours will be considered a no-show.


If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, the tutor will accommodate drop-ins, and we cannot guarantee you will be seen.

If you have 2 no-shows in 1 semester (terms 1 and 2), you will be unable to schedule a writing appointment in advance for the remainder of that semester and all future appointments will be cancelled. However, you can be seen on a drop-in basis.


The above policies also apply to online appointments. Online appointments occur using Zoom. We also offer online drop-in hours (please see the current term’s schedule for a complete list of hours). In addition, you should:

  1. Have a working microphone and speakers to communicate with the tutor.
  2. Have an internet connection.
  3. Have your assignment available electronically to share it with the tutor.

For online writing/presentation skills appointments, join your tutoring session here: https://jhucarey.zoom.us/my/sscwriting

*If this is your first time using Zoom, you should download it prior to your first online tutoring session. Downloading and setting up Zoom takes approximately 5-10 minutes.


We accommodate drop-ins on a first-come, first-served basis during open hours when there are no scheduled appointments taking place. We also offer designated drop-in hours online and in-person.


Tutoring is currently reserved for all current Carey Business School students.

Tutors are allowed to meet with students only during tutors’ available appointment times.

Tutors are not permitted to write or rewrite papers nor complete homework assignments. You should be actively engaged in the tutoring session to enhance the learning experience and your writing skills or quantitative understanding.

You must only bring your original work to an appointment and not the work of friends, co-workers, or family.

When working on a group paper, you may seek help for your section of the paper. If other sections need to be checked by a tutor, the students who worked on those sections must be present at the appointment.

Only school-related items are to be brought to an appointment. Below are examples of the most common acceptable and unacceptable documents. This list is not inclusive.

Acceptable Documents:

  • Paper for a Carey Business School course
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Discussion post for Carey Business School course
  • Application essays
  • Emails to professors or potential employers

Unacceptable Documents:

  • Non-Carey coursework
  • Independent publications
  • Blog or social media postings
  • Letters to friends or family
  • Writing samples for jobs

Due to student demand for services, staff reserves the right to revise policies and/or cancel and reschedule appointments that do not adhere to these policies.


Tutors provide guidance on how to improve your writing skills and are happy to help with any part of a writing assignment. You should explain the relevant course material and the specific areas in which you are seeking help.  Tutors can then explain important or helpful concepts, make recommendations, and show you how to apply those concepts to develop your skills.

  1. Establish a need: should schedule an appointment as soon as you realize you need assistance.
  2. Schedule an appointment through the “Book Now” button.
  3. In the notes section, write any pertinent information that will help the tutor help you.
  4. Arrive on time or cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance.

During the appointment

  1. Explain the assignment and show the tutor the requirements.
  2. Explain writing concerns and areas to focus on during the appointment (please reread the draft beforehand).
  3. Take notes about any issues.
  4. Before leaving, you and the tutor should summarize key points for revising the assignment and whether or not to schedule another appointment.

You should bring the following to all appointments

  1. 2 printed copies of the assignment, the assignment requirements or syllabus, and a rubric if given. You may bring a laptop, but keep in mind that making changes electronically often takes more time than using a paper and pencil.
  2. Paper and a pencil.
  3. Previous drafts, if applicable.

For online appointments

  1. Have the assignment, assignment requirements/syllabus, and rubric available electronically to share with the tutor.
  2. Join the Zoom meeting.
  3. Follow “during the appointment” instructions above. 


To book a writing or presentation skills appointment, click here. By booking an appointment, you agree to all Student Success Center policies and procedures.


Check through our comprehensive writing and presentation skills resources. You will also find tools for nonnative speakers and ways to connect with a private tutor outside of The Carey Business School.

The English Language Program and Student Success Center have created an Email Etiquette Guide for you to utilize when communicating with professors, employers, and other professionals.