Crowdsourcing in the shared economy: A multidisciplinary perspective

Crowd Sourcing in the Sharing Economy hand with finger pointing to a graphic represent earth and the connection of networks

Welcome to the first Johns Hopkins Conference on Crowdsourcing in the Sharing Economy, A Multidisciplinary Perspective.

Crowdsourcing is perhaps the most impactful and far-reaching new business approach of our time. The World Bank expects crowdsourcing to be a $300 billion industry in the next few years, which is expected to change the landscape of how ventures, from video games to medical start-ups, are funded. Yet, there is little research available on crowdsourcing and many questions to be answered. To this end, this conference invited scholars with diverse backgrounds to present their insights into this important area.

Organized by:

Christian Kim, PhD
Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Maqbool Dada, PhD
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School