Sanghee Lim, PhD

Assistant Professor
Academic AreaInformation Systems

Dr. Lim's primary research interest lies in quantitative economic analysis regarding the impact of information systems and technology on individuals, organizations, or society. Her research goal is quantifying the impact of technology and identifying the strategy to enhance the benefits. She takes a multi-disciplinary approach by drawing on theories from IS, economics, strategy, and psychology research to develop and test models. By leveraging the methodologies from machine learning and econometrics, as well as field experiments, she analyzes the impact of information systems for business and healthcare organizations as well as for personal health management. Her current research agenda and portfolio include mobile healthcare (m-health), online health infomediaries, and societal impact of IT. 


    • Ph. D, Business Administrations, University of Michigan
    • MS, Management Engineering, KAIST
    • BS, Management Engineering, KAIST


    Selected publications
    • Kim, J., Lee, Y., Lim, S., Kim, J. H., Lee, B., and Lee, J.H. (2017) “What Clinical Information Is Valuable to Doctors Using Mobile Electronic Medical Records and When?” Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19 (10), e340. 
    • Khuntia, J., Yim, D., Tanniru, M., and Lim, S. (2017) “Patient Empowerment and Engagement with a Health Infomediary,” Health Policy and Technology, 6 (1), 40-50. 
    • Kim, J., Lim, S., Min, Y. H., Shin, Y.W., Lee, B., Sohn, G., Jung, K.H., Lee, J.H., Son, B.H., Ahn, S.H., Shin, S.Y., and Lee, J. W. (2016) “Depression screening using daily mental-health ratings from a smartphone application for breast cancer patients,” Journal of Medical Internet Research, 18 (8), e216. 
    • Lim, S., and Lee, B. (2015) “Loyalty programs and dynamic consumer preference in online markets,” Decision Support Systems 78, 104–112. 
    • Lim, S., Malladi, S., Saldanha T, and Melville N.P. (2013) “Theories Used in Information Systems Research: Insights from Complex Network Analysis,” Journal of Information Technology Theory and Applications 14 (2), 5-44. 
    Works in progress
    • Kyung, N., Lim, S., and Lee, B. “Carrot or Stick? Check Weather First: The Effect of Weather on Mobile-Health Intervention on Physical Activity”.
    • Kyung, N. and Lim, S., “How Information Technology Can Help in the Fight Against an Opioid Epidemic: An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of E-Prescribing on Opioid Overdoses”. 
    • Yim, D., Khuntia, J., Lim, S., and Duan, W. “To Ask or Not To Ask? An Investigation of User Engagement and Doctor-Seeking Decision in Online Health Infomediary”


    • Information Systems
    • Data Science and Business Intelligence

    Honors and distinctions

    • 2011 - Gilbert and Ruth Whitaker Award
    • 2007-2012 Ross School of Business Doctoral Studies Fellowship
    • 2007-2011 Information Systems Executive Forum (ISEF) Fellowship
    • 2005 - Best graduate of KAIST Business School