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Hyeong-Min (Christian) Kim, PhD

Associate Professor
Areas of Interest
Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy

Hyeongmin Christian Kim, PhD (Marketing, The Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), MBA (Columbia Business School, Columbia University), BBA (Seoul National University), joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2008 as a founding member. He is an Associate Professor in the research track. His research interests include self-control, materialism, implicit theory and sales promotion.

Honors and distinctions

  • Association for Consumer Research Doctoral Consortium Faculty Fellow, 2015
  • Marketing Science Institute Research Awards, 2015
  • 2015 Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar
  • 13th Emerald Excellence of Citation Award for one of the most cited business articles published in 2009, 2013
  • Eugene M. Lange Faculty Research Award, 2006
  • Yoshida Foundation Research Award, 2006
  • The Franco Nicosia Best Paper Award, Association for Consumer Research, Orlando, FL, 2005

Selected publications

  • Yoon, S. and H. C. Kim (2017), “Feeling Economically Stuck: the Effect of Perceived Economic Mobility and Socioeconomic Status on Variety Seeking,” Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming.
  • Yoon, S. and H. C. Kim (2016), “Keeping the American Dream Alive: The Interactive Effect of Perceived Economic Mobility and Materialism on Impulsive Spending,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (October), 758-772.
  • Kim, H. C. and T. Kramer (2015), “Do Materialists Prefer the Brand-as-Servant? The Interactive Effect of Brand Anthropomorphism and Materialism on Consumer Responses, Journal of Consumer Research, 42 (August), 284-99.
  • Kim, H. C., K. Kulow, and T. Kramer (2014), “The Interactive Effect of Beliefs in Malleable Fate and Fateful Predictions on Choice,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (April), 1139-48.
  • Kachersky, L., S. Sen, H. C. Kim, and M. Carnevale (2013), “Buyer Beware of Your Shadow: How Price Moderates the Effect of Incidental Similarity on Buyer Behavior,” Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 44 (10), 643-49.
  • Kim, H. C. (2013),”Situational Materialism: How Entering Lotteries May Undermine Self-Control,” Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (December), 756-72.
  • Kim, H. C. (2013), “How Variety Seeking versus Inertial Tendency Influences the effectiveness of Immediate versus Delayed Promotions,” Journal of Marketing Research, 50 (June), 416-26.
  • Kachersky, L. and H. C. Kim (2010), “When Consumers Cope with Price-Persuasion Knowledge: The Role of Topic Knowledge,” Journal of Marketing Management, 27 (1-2), 28-40.
  • Wilcox, K., H. C. Kim, and S. Sen, (2009), “Why Do Consumer Buy Counterfeit Luxury Brand?” Journal of Marketing Research, 46 (April), 247-59.
  • Luna, D. and H. C. Kim (2009), “How Much Was Your Shopping Basket? Working Memory Processes in Total Basket Price Estimation,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19 (3), 346-55.
  • Kramer, T. and H. C. Kim (2007), “Don’t Miss Out on This: The Effect of Coupon Primes on Deal Perceptions,” Journal of Brand and Product Management, 16 (2), 142-52.
  • Kim, H. C. (2006), “Evaluations of Moderately Typical Products: The Role of Within- versus Cross-Manufacturer Comparisons,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 16 (1), 70-78.
  • Kim, H. C. (2006), “Consumers’ Responses to Price Presentation Formats in Rebate Advertisements,” Journal of Retailing, 83 (2), 309-17.
  • Kim, H. C. (2006), “The Effect of Salience on Mental Accounting: How Segregation versus Integration of Payment Influences Purchase Decisions. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 19 (4), 381-91.
  • Kim, H. C. and T. Kramer (2006), “The Effect of Novel Price Framing on Consumers’ Deal Evaluation,” Marketing Letters, 17 (4), 311-21.
  • Kim, H. C. and T. Kramer (2006), “The Moderating Effect of Need for Cognition on Responses to Multi-Dimensional Prices,” Marketing Letters, 17 (3), 193-203.

Works in progress

  • Brand Anthropomorphism and Materialism
  • The Effect of Brand Roles on Consumer Choice
  • Escape from Reality