Friday, October 13, 2017

Location: Carey 4th Floor



Session Topic

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3


8:00-9:00am Registration and Breakfast

Session 1


Gender and Executive Leadership

Mario Macis

Gender Gaps in Leadership Roles: Recent Evidence on Causes and Consequences

Aparna Joshi

Rethinking ‘Think Manager Think Male’: Does the Masculinity of Male CEOs Predict CEO Pay and Firm Performance?

Mona Lena Krook

Sexist Backlash? Violence and Harassment against Women in Politics.

Erik Helzer

Session 2


Family and Work

Colleen Stuart

The Gold-Plated Escalator: Work-Linked Marriage, Gender, and Career Progression

Youngjoo Cha

Overwork, Gender, and the Use of Leave and Flexible Work Policies


Chinhui Juhn

Coordinated Work Schedules and the Gender Wage Gap

Liana Sayer



Lunch and Keynote

Bridget Van Kralingen

Senior Vice President, Industry Platforms, IBM



Valerie Suslow

Vice Dean for Faculty and Research


Practitioner Panel

Jyoti Chopra

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, BNY Mellon

Redonda Miller 

President, Johns Hopkins Hospital (Carey Business School Alumna)

Karen Appleton Page

Senior Director of Partnerships, Channel and Industries, Apple (Carey 
Business School Alumna)

Karen Peetz (Moderator) 

Retired President, BNY Mellon; Senior Advisor, McKinsey 
(Carey Business School Alumna)

Session 3


Contests and Competition

Jennifer Berdahl

Organizational Cultures of Masculinity Contest: Marginalizing Women & 'Other' Men

Christin Munsch

Ideal and Actual Work Contest Climates

Cristian Dezsö

The Gender Composition of Firms and Individual Risk-taking

Brian Rubineau



Session 4


New Insights on the Glass Ceiling

Susan Fisk

Who Takes Risks? Women disproportionately avoid workplace risk-taking when failure is costly

Lily Jampol

Kind or Candid?: A Bias Toward Kindness in Feedback to Poorly Performing Women

Lise Vesterlund

Breaking the Glass Ceiling with “No”: Gender Differences in Declining Requests for Non-Promotable Tasks

Erika Hall


Dinner and Drinks


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Location: Carey 4th Floor


Session Topic

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3




Session 5


Women in STEM

Debra Roter

Women in Medical Work

Waverly Ding

Where is the Promised Land? Gender Gap in Earnings of Ph.D. Scientists and Engineers in Academia and Industry

Elizabeth Patton

Gender Differences in Academic Medical Careers

Kathleen Sutcliffe

Session 6


New Directions for Addressing the Glass Ceiling

Jennifer Merluzzi

Why Married Women Can’t Jump: Specialization and External Mobility Penalties for Women in Early Professional Careers

Lisa Leslie

Diversity Initiative Effectiveness: A Typological Theory of Unintended Consequences

Roberto Fernandez

Reflections on the Glass Ceiling

Mandy O'Neill


Box Lunches and Depart