Hopkins Health, Labor, Education, and Development Economics Conference

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Hopkins Health, Labor, Education and Development Economics Conference (H2LED) is organized by professors from Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, Carey Business School, and Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

The aim of the conference is to bring together academic economists from different divisions around Johns Hopkins University, open lines of communication, foster collaboration across schools, and showcase the diverse research projects of Johns Hopkins economists.

Presentations will not only showcase cutting-edge economic research but also highlight the diverse sets of methods and approaches used by economists to answer vital research questions to generate research that might help shape policies regarding education, health, development, and labor.


  • 8:30-900 a.m.
    Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 9:00-9:15 a.m.
    Welcome and Opening remarks Michelle Spencer, Bloomberg American Health Initiative
  • 9:30-10:30 a.m.
    “What Are the Effects of Neighborhood Poverty on Healthcare Utilization? Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Experiment” Presenter: Brad Herring, Bloomberg School of Public Health Discussant: Lorraine Dean, Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • 10:30-10:45 a.m.
    Coffee Break
  • 10:45-11:45 a.m.
    “Rational Responses to Uncertainty? Understanding Disadvantaged Youths’ Educational Choices” Presenter: Andrew Gray, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Discussant: Phil Garboden, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
  • 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
    “A structural model of homophily and clustering in social networks” Presenter: Angelo Mele, Carey Business School Discussant: Stephane Helleringer, Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • 12:45-2:00 p.m.
    Networking Luncheon
  • 2:00-3:00 p.m.
    “The Effect of Parental Income on College Attendance and Completion” Presenter: Kyungmin Kang, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Discussant: Andrew Cherlin, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
  • 3:00-4:00 p.m.
    “Consumer Choice and Learning in Individual Insurance Markets: Evidence from the ACA Exchanges” Presenter: Aditi Sen, Bloomberg School of Public Health Discussant: Jian Ni, Carey Business School
  • 4:00-4:15 p.m.
    Coffee Break
  • 4:15-5:15 p.m.
    “Does Physician Reimbursement Affect Treatment? Evidence from Restricting Balance Billing in California” Presenter: Yaa Akosa Antwi, Carey Business School Discussant: Carleigh Krubiner, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics
  • 5:15-5:30 p.m.
    Closing Remarks