Below is the Seminar Series at Carey for Academic Year 2014-2015. To view the Seminar Series for the current academic year, follow this link to the schedule.

05/26/2015 Young Pin Zhou Foster School of Business Inventory Stocking and Rationing for an OmniChannel Retailer
05/19/2015 Jay R Ritter Warrington College of Business Administration Pre-market Trading and IPO Pricing
05/12/2015 Vicki Morwitz Stern School of Business Because We’re Partners: How Social Values and Relationship Norms Influence Consumer Payments in Pay-What-You-Want Contexts
05/05/2015 Alexandre Mas Princeton University Does Transparency Lead to Pay Compression?
05/01/2015 Batia Wiesenfeld Stern School of Business Mobile technology, exploratory learning, and advice taking: Seeing the forest for the trees
04/28/2015 Anindya Ghose Stern School of Business Measuring the Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing
04/21/2015 Beth Bechky Stern School of Business DNA envy: The evolution of knowledge and legitimacy in forensic science work
04/07/2015 Darren Dahl Sauder School of Business Earning the Right to Eat Organic: How Moral Judgments Depend on the Nature of the Target’s Income
04/03/2015 Gary Charness UC, Santa Barbara Creativity and Incentives” (joint with Daniela Grieco)
03/27/2015 Jeffrey Hu Scheller, Georgia Tech A Dynamic Structural Model for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Consumption and Promotion Design
03/17/2015 Lamar Pierce Olin Business School The Historical Roots of Firm Access to Finance: Evidence from the African Slave Trade
03/03/2015 Jagmohan Raju Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Me-too or Exclusive? The Role of Consumer Heterogeneity on Positioning in Conspicuous Goods Markets
02/25/2015 Jonah Rockoff Columbia Business School Teacher Applicant Hiring and Teacher Performance: Evidence from DC Public Schools
02/23/2015 Luis Quintero CMU Housing Consumption and Prices in a United Metropolitan Market with Heterogeneous Preference
02/20/2015 Mariaflvia Harari MIT Cities in Bad Shape: Urban Geometry in India
02/19/2015 Guillermo Gallego Columbia University Assortment and Pricing Optimization for the Multinomial and Nested Logit Choice Models
02/17/2015 Jacob Cosman Vancouver School of Economics Industry dynamics and the value of variety in nightlife: evidence from Chicago
02/16/2015 Albert A. Zevelev Wharton Regulating Mortgage Leverage: Fire Sales, Foreclosure Spirals and Pecuniary Externalities
02/13/2015 Elliot Anenberg Duke A More Timely House Price Index
02/11/2015 Jessie Jiaxu Wang CMU Distress Dispersion and Systemic Risk in Networks
02/10/2015 Olav Sorenson Yale School of Management Do startups create good jobs?
02/09/2015 Oren Ziv Harvard Density, Productivity, and Sorting
02/06/2015 Francesca Zucchi EPFL Internal-External Liquidity Feedbacks
02/04/2015 Fang Liu Olin Business School Recovering Conditional Return Distributions by Regression: Estimation and Applications
02/03/2015 Shmuel Baruch University of Utah Fleeting Orders
02/02/2015 Yufeng Wu Rochester Excess Dividend Smoothing
01/27/2015 Avi Goldfarb Rotman School of Management Slack Time and Innovation
01/26/2015 Hongda Zhong Carlson School of Business A dynamic model of optimal creditor dispersion
01/23/2015 Zhaogang Song Cornell Rare Disaster Concerns Everywhere
01/21/2015 Shiming Fu Duke Dynamic Financial Contracting with Persistence
01/20/2015 Marc Rysman Boston University A Structural Model of Air Services Agreements: Empirics of Network Formation
01/16/2015 Yizhou Xiao Stanford Collateral Constraints, Access to Debt Financing and Firm Growth
01/15/2015 Canan Ulu Georgetown Risk Aversion, Information Acquisition and Technology Adoption
01/14/2015 Jianfeng Yu Carlson Asset Pricing in Production Economies with Extrapolative Expectations
12/16/2014 Federico Bandi Carey Business School The Scale of Predictability
12/09/2014 Alessandro Bonatti MIT Sloan School of Management The Politics of Compromise
12/02/2014 Kristina McElheran Rotman, University of Toronto Data in Action: Data-Driven Decision Making in U.S. Manufacturing
11/18/2014 Eileen Chou Batten, University of Virginia Paperless and Soulless: E-Signatures Condone Cheating, Diminish Signer’s Presence, and Decrease Acceptance
11/11/2014 Hongjun Yan Yale School of Management A Model of Anomaly Discovery
11/07/2014 Rebecca Ratner Robert H. Smith School of Business Inhibited from Bowling Alone
11/04/2014 Juanjuan Zhang MIT Sloan School of Management Tweets and Sales
10/31/2014 Sergio Urzua University of Maryland One Size Does not Fit All: Multiple Dimensions of Ability, College Attendance and Wages
10/21/2014 Karthik Ramachandran Scheller Colle Business Ordering Behaviour under Supply Risk
10/17/2014 Chris Myers Stephen M. Ross School of Business

That Others May Learn: Interpersonal Dynamics of Vicarious Learning in Organizations

10/14/2014 Albert Kyle RH Smith School of Business The Flash Crash: The Impact of High Frequency Trading on an Electronic Market
10/07/2014 Matt Cronin George Mason School of Business The Craft of Creativity
09/30/2014 Jeff Inman Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business Healthy Choice: The Effect of Simplified POS Nutritional Information on Consumer Choice Behavior
09/23/2014 Srikanth Jagabathula Stern School of Business A Model to Estimate Individual Customer Preferences Over Time
09/16/2014 Sachin Banker Princeton University The Sticky Anchor Hypothesis: Depletion of Self-control Increases Situational Malleability