Teaching Development and Curriculum Design

Teaching Enhancement Workshops

A series of workshops designed for faculty to develop and refine foundational teaching skills and to adopt new teaching practices as part of continuing development of their teaching expertise. Workshops focus on sharing of research-based teaching practices, integrating instructional technologies, and critically reflecting on teaching.

Carey Conversations on Teaching and Learning

A series of small group discussions on teaching and learning designed to help faculty learn from shared teaching experiences. Designed with smaller groups in mind, these conversations center on teaching dilemmas that may be curricular (designing a new course), instructional (improving student engagement large classes, incorporating experiential learning), or environmental (creating more inclusive classrooms, teaching diverse student populations). By analyzing the challenge and discussing possible solutions, participants will reflect on and share their own classroom experiences, as well as gain ideas for how to improve their teaching. 

Online Teaching Strategies Workshops

A series of interactive, hands-on workshops designed especially for Carey faculty who are preparing to teach online for the first time.  These workshops demonstrations of strategies for success in online teaching practices and shared insights by faculty experienced teaching online. The workshops focus on: challenges of and best practices for teaching an online course; effective strategies for conducting live (synchronous) online classes and facilitating discussion forums; technical and logistical guidelines for online teaching

Curriculum Design Workshops

A series of workshops designed for course leads and other interested faculty focused on improving curriculum design. The focus of these workshops includes revising course learning objectives, course assessments, and learning activities with the overall aim of ensuring that student learning at Carey is situated within a rigorous coherent, and mission-driven curriculum.