The Johns Hopkins Business in Government (BIG) Initiative seeks to create mutually beneficial connections between the business school and national government communities.

Specifically, we strive to:

  • Translate organizational research into formats that can help national government organizations maximize their performance.
  • And learn from these organizations in order to generate new evidence-based knowledge.

This first edition of the BIG Newsletter highlights several activities and accomplishments from our first semester of operation. We welcome your involvement and ideas, which you can share by writing to me at Thank you for your support!

Our initial efforts to translate evidence-based knowledge have involved cultivating teaching partnerships with these organizations, among others:

Our initial efforts to generate new evidence-based knowledge have involved cultivating research opportunities with these organizations, among others:

To address issues related to both the translation and generation of knowledge, we have invited the following experts to speak at Carey:

  • Competitive Enterprise Institute Founder Fred Smith (11/20/13)
  • U.S. Patent Commissioner Peggy Focarino (2/12/14)
  • “Banker to the World” and Citi Senior Advisor Bill Rhodes (2/27/14)

In addition, we have undertaken a wide variety of activities to establish and advance the BIG Initiative, including:

  • Creation of a BIG Student Group
  • Publication of an article on BIG in Carey’s ONE magazine
  • Creation of a webpage on the Carey website
  • Granting an interview about BIG to Baltimore Business Radio
  • Formation of BIG research and teaching committees among Carey faculty members