William Agresti, PhD


Academic Discipline: Information Systems

Areas of Interest:
Managing Complex Projects,
Information Systems

Phone: 410-234-9403

Email: agresti@jhu.edu


William W. Agresti, PhD (Computer Science, New York University), joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2000.  He is a Professor in the practice track with expertise in information systems and large-scale project management.

Honors & Distinctions

  • Program Director, MS in Information Systems
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Editorial Boards: Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization, Procedia Computer Science, Encyclopedia of Software Engineering, Expert Systems with Applications (2011-14), Empirical Software Engineering (1996-2010), Information Systems Security (2001-06)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association
  • Associate Dean, Carey Business School (2010-13)
  • Program Director, Experimental Software Systems Research, NSF (1996-98)
  • Chief Scientist and Division Director in computer industry

Selected Publications

  • Toward an IT agenda (2011). Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 28(1), 255-276.
  • Software reuse: developers' experiences and perceptions (2011). J. of Software Engineering & Applications, 4(1), 48-58.
  • The four forces shaping cybersecurity (2010). IEEE Computer, 42(2), 101-104.
  • Practical profiles for managing systems engineering R&D (2009) (with R. Harris). IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 56, 341-351.
  • Discovery informatics (2003). Communications of the ACM, 46(8), 25-28.
  • Knowledge management (2000). Advances in Computers, 53, 171-283.

Works In Progress

  • Modeling cybersecurity risk for enterprise risk management