Ozge Sahin, PhD

Associate Professor

Academic Discipline: Operations Management & Business Analytics

Areas of Interest:
Pricing and revenue management,
Supply-chain management

Phone: 410-234-9417

Email: ozge.sahin@jhu.edu


Ozge Sahin, PhD (Operations Research, Columbia University), joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2011. She is an Associate Professor in the research track with expertise in the areas of pricing and revenue management, and supply-chain management.

Honors & Distinctions

  • The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School Dean’s Award for Faculty Excellence, 2016, 2017
  • M&SOM Meritorious Service Awards 2014, 2015
  • AGIFORS Anna Valicek Medal and AGIFORS Annual Symposium Most Innovative Research Awards, 2005-2006

Selected Publications

  • Dynamic Pricing and Replenishment with Consumer Upgrades, (with O. Ceryan and I. Duenyas) forthcoming in Production and Operations Management
  • Pricing Ancillary Services: When to Unbundle? (with Y. Cui and I. Duenyas), forthcoming in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  • Pricing of Conditional Upgrades in the Presence of Strategic Consumers (with Y. Cui and I. Duenyas), forthcoming in Management Science 
  • The Impact of Search Cost on Assortment Design and Pricing (with R. Wang), forthcoming in Management Science
  • Coordinating Product Launch and Pricing in Pharmaceutical Industry, (with M. S. Altug), forthcoming in Production and Operations Management
  • Contracts, Biases and Consumption of Access Services (with S. Leider), Management Science, 60(9), 2014, 2198-2222. 
  • Should Event Organizers Prevent Resale of Tickets? (with Y. Cui and I. Duenyas), Management Science, 60(9), 2014, 2160-2179.
  • Mechanisms to Induce Buyer Forecasting: Do Suppliers Always Benefit From Better Forecasting? (with T. Amornpetchul and I. Duenyas), Production and Operations Management, November 2015, 24 (11), 1724-1749.
  • Managing Demand and Supply for Multiple Products Through Dynamic Pricing and Capacity Flexibility (with O. Ceryan and I. Duenyas),  Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Winter 2013 vol. 15 no. 1 86-101.
  • Price Discrimination in Service Industries (with A. Lambrecht, K. Seim, N. Vilcassim, A. Cheema, Y. Chen, G. Crawford, K. Hosanagar, R. Iyengar, O. Koenigsberg, R. Lee, E. Miravete), Marketing Letters, May 2012, 23:423–438.
  • Revenue Management with Partially Refundable Fares (with G. Gallego), Operations Research, 58 (4, Part 1 of 2), 2010, 817-33.
  • Strategic Management of Distressed Inventories (with G. Gallego and R. Phillips), Production and Operations Management, Special Issue on Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing, 17-4, 2008, pp. 402-415.

Works In Progress

  • Pricing Ancillary Service Subscriptions (with M. Dada and R. Wang)
  • Conditional Promotions, Consumer Behavior and Revenue Management, (with HS Ahn and T. Amornpetchul)
  • Collaboration between Competitors Through Inventory Exchange, (with L. Ding and R. Kapuscinski)
  • Competition with Partially Refundable Fares (with G. Gallego).