James Calvin, PhD


Academic Discipline: Management & Organization

Areas of Interest:
Building Teams and Developing Teamwork,
Diversity and Conflict in Organizational and Community Settings,
Leadership and Organizational Behavior,
Principles of Organizational Leadership,
Project and Team Management

Phone: 410-234-9409

Email: jcalvin@jhu.edu


James R. Calvin, PhD (Communication, Culture, and Phenomenology, New York University) joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 1996. He is a Professor in the practice track with expertise in the areas of leadership development, community economic development and nonprofit organizations.

Honors & Distinctions

  • 2019 Ted K. Bradshaw Outstanding Research Award, Community Development Society
  • Best Paper Award in Management Track, Academy of Business Research, March 20, 2012
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association, 2011
  • Academy of Management Outstanding Leadership and Service Award, 2009
  • Society for Advancement of Management Service Award, 2003-2008
  • Recipient of the NASA Certificate of Appreciation for the development and Launch of the Accelerated Leadership Program, September 26, 2003
  • National Leadership Award in Appreciation of Effective Contributions to the Improvement of American Education, Institute for Educational Leadership, March 1996
  • Editorial Board,Community Development Journal, 2002 to present
  • Editorial Board, Society for Advancement of Management Journal, 2000 to present

Selected Publications

  • Calvin, J., Moore, K. A., Beale, R. L. (September 2012). A global imperative for achieving managerial strength and synergy through the mitigation of micro-aggression workplace behavior. To appear in Academy of Business Research Journal, III. info@academyofbusinessresearchjournal
  • Calvin, J.R., Lee, K.S. (2006, June). Stronger relationships, stronger communities: Lessons from a regional initiative.  American Journal of Community Psychology. Springer, Volume 37, Numbers 34.
  • Calvin, J.R. (2003, Autumn). Leadership networking and active transitions in the workplace. Freedoms, energy and transformative relationships.  Society for Advancement of Management Journal, Volume 68, Number 4.
  • Calvin, J.R. (2001, Summer).  The post-learning organization: Work and life in diverse systems into the new millennium.  Futures Research Quarterly, 16(4), 11-19
  • Calvin, J.R.  (1998, Spring).  Values across cultural domains and borders: Technology and society in transformation.  Futures Research Quarterly, 14(1), 77-86.
  • Calvin, J.R. (1996, Fall).  Adaptive and innovative leadership-capacity through reflective practice research.  Futures Research Quarterly, 12(3), 63-76.

Works In Progress

  • Calvin, J. (In Review) The age of Obama: Public policy considerations for government leaders, international organizations, and business and society in new globalization. In Love Chile (Ed.), AUT Globalization and Public Policy. Auckland.
  • Calvin, J.R. (In Review). A Baltimore city approach to business viability and sustainability: Affecting a green business strategy to promote new business ventures. Advanced Management Journal.  Society for Advancement of Management.
  • Calvin, J.R., Green, E. (In Review) Experience and strategy for African American managers in a competitive global environment.  Paper is currently being revised.