Itay Fainmesser, PhD

Assistant Professor

Academic Discipline: Economics

Phone: 410-234-9454



Itay Fainmesser, PhD (Harvard University) is an Assistant Professor on the Research Track at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School from 2014. Professor Fainmesser studies how social networks affect and are affected by market activities and market rules. His current work explores the optimal pricing of network goods, the role of intermediaries in markets, and the shape and evolution of trust networks.

Selected Publications

  • “Social Networks and Unraveling in Labor Markets,” Journal of Economic Theory, 2013, 148(1), 64-103.
  • “Community Structure and Market Outcomes: A Repeated Games in Networks Approach,” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2012, 4(1), 32-69.
  • “A Consistent Weighted Ranking Scheme with an Application to NCAA College Football Rankings” (with Chaim Fershtman and Neil Gandal), Journal of Sports Economics, (10) 2009, 582-600.

Works In Progress

  • “The Value of Network Information” (with Andrea Galeotti) -- submitted
  • “Exclusive Intermediation”
  • “Cooperation in Partly Observable Networked Markets” (with David Goldberg)