Ge Bai, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor

Academic Discipline: Accounting

Areas of Interest:
Financial accounting
Managerial accounting
Healthcare accounting

Phone: 202-580-7573



Ge Bai, PhD (Michigan State University), joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2016. She is an associate professor of accounting in the practice track. Dr. Bai is an expert on health care pricing, cost management, and pharmaceutical supply chain. Dr. Bai has published in leading academic journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, JAMA Internal Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Health Affairs, Medicare Care Research & Review, Decision Sciences, Journal of Management Accounting Research, Accounting Horizons, and Journal of Business Ethics. Her work has been widely featured in CBS, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, NBC, New York Times, NPR, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Post, and other media and used as testimony before the House Ways & Means Committee.

Honors & Distinctions

  • The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Dean’s Award, 2017-19
  • The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Black & Decker Research Fund, 2017
  • Institute of Management Accountants Research Foundation Emerging Scholar Award, 2014
  • Journal of Management Accounting Research Best Paper Award, 2014
  • Institute of Management Accountants Research Foundation Grant, 2013
  • American Accounting Association/Grant Thornton Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2011

Selected Publications

  • Increasing Frequency and Share of Dermatologic Procedures Billed by Non-Physician Clinicians from 2012-2016, with Andrew Rogers, Manisha Loss, and Gerard Anderson, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, forthcoming.
  • The Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration: Implications for Medicare Policy, with Linda Aiken, Joshua Dahlerbruch, and Barbara Todd, The New England Journal of Medicine, 2018, 378(25), 2360-2363.
  • Addressing Generic-Drug Market Failures—the Case for Establishing a Nonprofit Manufacturer, with Dan Liljenquist and Gerard Anderson, The New England Journal of Medicine, 2018, 378(20), 1857-1859.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Brand-Name Drug Prices, and Patient Cost Sharing, with Aditi Sen and Gerard Anderson, Annals of Internal Medicine, 2018, 168(6), 436-437.   
  • Variation in Emergency Department vs Internal Medicine Excess Charges in the United States, with Tim Xu, Angela Park, Sarah, Joo, Susan Hutfless, Ambar Mehta, Gerard Anderson, and Martin Makary, JAMA Internal Medicine, 2017, 177(8), 1139-1145.
  • Higher Hospital Spending on Occupational Therapy Is Associated with Lower Readmission Rates, with Andrew Rogers, Robert Lavin, and Gerard Anderson, Medical Care Research and Review, 2017, 74(6), 668-686.
  • Hospitals Risks of Data Breaches, with John Jiang and Renee Flasher, JAMA Internal Medicine, 2017, 177(6), 878-880.
  • Variation in the Ratio of Physician Charges to Medicare Payments by Specialty and Region, with Gerard Anderson, JAMA, 2017, 317(2), 315-318.
  • US Hospital Are Still Using Chargemaster Markups to Maximize Revenues, with Gerard Anderson, Health Affairs, 2016, 35(9), 1658-1664.
  • A More Detailed Understanding of Factors Associated with Hospital Profitability, with Gerard Anderson, Health Affairs, 2016, 35(5), 889-897.
  • Measuring the Cost of Disruptions in Multistage Manufacturing Systems, with Takehisa Kajiwara and Jianbo Liu, Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2016, 28(1), 1-26.
  • Applying Variance Analysis to Understand California Hospitals' Expense Recovery Status by Patient Groups, Accounting Horizons, 2016, 30(2), 211-213.
  • The Cost of Manufacturing Disruptions, with Takehisa Kajiwara and Jianbo Liu, Strategic Finance, 2015, 97(6), 40-45.
  • Extreme Markup: The Fifty Hospitals with the Highest Charge-To-Cost Ratios, with Gerard Anderson, Health Affairs, 2015, 34(6), 922-928.
  • California's Hospital Fair Pricing Act Reduced the Prices Actually Paid by Uninsured Patients, Health Affairs, 2015, 34(1), 64-70.
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  • The Role of Performance Measure Noise in Mediating the Relation between Task Complexity and Outsourcing, with Freddy Coronado and Ranjani Krishnan. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2010, 22(1), 75-102.