Chen Cheng, PhD

Assistant Professor

Academic Discipline: Economics

Areas of Interest:
Organizational Economics,
Political Economy,

Phone: 410-234-9456



Chen Cheng, PhD (Northwestern University) is an Assistant Professor on the research track at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School from 2016. She is interested in incentives in organizations. Her works focus on how disagreement in organization affects contract design and ownership, how political institutions affect politicians' incentives to experiment, and how formal and informal institutions interplay.

Works In Progress

  • “Moral Hazard in Teams with Subjective Evaluations”
  • “Laboratories of Democracy: Career Concerns and Policy Experimentation under Decentralization” (with Christopher Li)
  • “Multiplex Analysis of Indian Village Social Networks: When Does One Relationship Predict Another” (with Yiqing Xing)
  • “Governmental System and Economic Volatility under Democracy” (with Christopher Li and Weifeng Zhong)