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Achieve operational success.

Understanding the principles of operations management is critical to the success of any business - from large-scale corporations to your local coffee shop, businesses of all sizes need a strong operational infrastructure in order to drive their bottom line. In this course, you will discover research-based operations strategies, explore practical inventory management tools, and learn how to plan for the challenges that can come with variability in your supply chain. With customer expectations, brand loyalty, and financial targets on the line, course content will focus on teaching effective strategies for demand forecasting, the lean management principles to mitigate variability, and managing communication, processes, inventory, and relationships.

This course prepares participants to:
  • View their work through an operations-centric lens
  • Plan  and manage effective business scheduling
  • Articulate and improve the processes by which their group delivers goods or services to its customers
  • Communicate across internal and external channels
  • Design processes to align key stakeholders
  • Work as an effective part of the supply chain
  • Better understand and be able to articulate solutions for common operations principals including: bottleneck identification, capacity planning, demand forecasting and inventory planning. 

Program Details

Who Should Attend

  • Managers across the fields of healthcare, finance, IT, marketing, and beyond
  • Operations professionals looking to deepen their knowledge and skills of supply chains, process design, and inventory management
  • Candidates for the Management Development Certificate in search of an operations elective

What You Will Learn

  • Strategic alignment of processes
  • Challenges posed by variability in processes and uncertain customer demand
  • How to optimize processes for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Lean principles and mitigating variability in processes
  • An introduction to common supply chain management

The Course Experience

In order to deliver on your promise to customers, you need to be able to align resources to achieve a profitable balance between supply and demand. Operations management teaches participants to work with key internal partners, customers, and stakeholders across channels to achieve this goal.

Discover research-based operations strategies, explore practical inventory management tools, and learn how to plan for the challenges that can come with variability in your supply chain. Through active discussions and interactive simulations, you'll have a hands-on opportunity to put operations theory into practice. Gain crucial experience adopting an operations-centric lens to design and improve the processes by which your organization delivers goods or services to its customers.  


Asset 1 Core

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Goker Aydin, PhD

Professor, Carey Business School

Goker Aydin joined the Carey Business School in January 2017 as Professor. His research is driven by the demand and supply uncertainty facing both retailers and their suppliers. Prior to joining Carey, Goker served on the faculty of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and B.S


Ozge Sahin, PhD

Associate Professor, Carey Business School

Ozge Sahin is an Associate Professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. Her research interests include pricing and revenue management with emphasis on consumer behavior, and strategic capacity management. Some of her recent research projects include new pricing plans for access services and implications on consumer behavior, assortment optimization, and capacity management of conditional products. Ozge has published papers in journals that


Tinglong Dai, PhD

Associate Professor, Carey Business School

Tinglong Dai is an Associate Professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at the Carey Business School. A recipient of numerous awards, including Johns Hopkins Discovery Award, INFORMS Public Sector Operations Research Best Paper Award, and POMS Best Healthcare Paper Award, his research spans across healthcare analytics, marketing/operations interfaces, and artificial intelligence. He received his PhD in Operations Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Professor Dai edited the Handbook of

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