Management Competencies

Maximize Your Managerial Performance

Designed for both experienced and rising managers, the executive Management Competencies courses explore new techniques to lead your team. Discover new approaches to leading organizational performance and learn valuable insights you can implement immediately. Whether you are looking for a new competency or to enhance your existing skill set, these courses will help you support your team's performance.

Current Executive Management Competencies course offerings include:

Learn how to build conflict resolution skills, develop negotiation techniques, understand financials in business, interpret big data, and negotiate in a cross-cultural setting. 


Strategic Conflict Management

Conflicts are unavoidable in the business world, and effective resolution is critical to organizational success. Learn strategies for addressing conflicts as they arise, techniques for unifying your organization, and ways to promote strategic change.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Examine the root cause of conflicts, from small disputes to organizational upheaval
  • Use techniques rooted in research to manage conflict
  • Understand the cause of disagreements between individuals
  • Apply lessons they learned to their organization

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Effective Selection and Hiring Strategies

Learn how to hire the best people to promote your organization's success. Use research-based findings to inform your candidate selection and build a strong team. Discover the best ways to screen candidates, techniques for conducting effective interviews, and how to identify desirable qualities to improve your organization.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Analyze social science research
  • Learn effective strategies for identifying and hiring people to improve your organization
  • Examine all phases of the hiring process from initial recruitment to negotiations
  • Develop multi-stage hiring practices
  • Measure a candidate's personality traits and attitudes
  • Make smart decisions to prevent turnover

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Strategic Negotiation

Become a better negotiator with valuable techniques designed to achieve favorable outcomes. Learn the strategic foundation and knowledge needed for effectively negotiating with employers, coworkers, clients, employees, and others encountered in daily business. Gain the confidence you need to overcome uncomfortable negotiation sessions and achieve the best possible result.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Become a powerful negotiator at all organizational levels
  • Discover their individual negotiation style
  • Achieve their goals through strategic negotiation
  • Develop a systematic approach
  • Learn to cope with win-lose situations and transform them into win-win situations

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Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Make smart financial decisions to help your company invest wisely and grow. The Finance for the Non-Financial Manager course teaches managers how to interpret important financial information and make sound decisions. From capital budgeting to financial statement analysis, learn the tools you need to push your organization forward.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Understand the basics of financial statement analysis
  • Project future revenues, costs, and cash flows
  • Understand capital budgeting
  • Make smart investment decisions
  • Evaluate past and current financial positions, risks, and profitability
  • Develop a forward-looking approach

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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Extracting Business Value

Learn how to interpret Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to extract the business value. This short course examines how information can impact the business world and your organization and discusses how to use the data to move your company forward. Participants gain a basic understanding of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with interactive and engaging presentations and non-technical approaches.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Gain an understanding of the basics
  • Learn the advantages and limitations of each topic
  • Apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in practice
  • Identify and extract undervalued Big Data
  • Create strategies to leverage Big Data by using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms

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Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Discover strategies for effective cross-cultural negotiations within your organization. This course discusses common communication issues and explores approaches for prevention, as well as how to adapt when negotiating in a cross-cultural setting. Discover the strategy and psychology behind negotiations to approach the situation with confidence in a national, regional, or organizational setting.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Gain foundational skills to negotiate effectively
  • Effectively negotiate across cultural borders
  • Understand the features of negotiations that do and do not vary across cultures
  • Learn the strategy and psychology behind successful negotiations
  • Discover the ways a culture may influence negotiating strategy, priorities, style, and value systems 

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Risk Management: A Strategic Approach to Leadership

Help your organization capitalize on opportunities while minimizing risk. This course takes a strategic approach to leadership while introducing a powerful management tool. Enterprise Risk Management enables companies to minimize organizational vulnerabilities by analyzing their internal processes and procedures. During this 2-day course, you'll learn how to use this technique in your own work and improve your management skills.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Systematically approach opportunities and risks within their organizations
  • Understand isolation and mitigation of risks
  • Manage exposures
  • Prioritize opportunities and risks
  • Create a roadmap for utilizing ERM management approaches

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Budgeting and Performance Measurement

This course focuses on the development of an operating budget, along with how firms use multi-assessment tools to control business and managerial performance. Also explored is the “Balanced Scorecard,” a strategic performance measurement tool that includes four perspectives: Financial, Customer, Business Processes, and Learning & Growth.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Develop and improve budgeting and performance measurement skills
  • Gain a better understanding of the relationships among different types of budgets
  • Discover different strategic approaches to the development of operating budgets   

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Real Estate Asset Optimization

This course provides new insights, based on methodologies, case studies, and data analytics, on how firms can realize significant additional earnings, cost savings, and productivity leveraging existing real estate capital.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Develop metrics, KPIs, and data analytics on owned and leased real estate assets
  • Create an Earnings Scorecard that grades and ranks real estate alignment with strategy
  • Measure the impact of real estate optimization using new apps and IT solutions 

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Project Management

Our Project Management course equips participants with a powerful set of tools to plan, implement, and manage activities to realize specific objectives.  Applicable to a wide range of businesses and professions, the ability to effectively manage projects is a skill set actively sought by employers and a career-advancing talent employees will call upon again and again.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Minimize the potentially damaging effects of workplace conflicts
  • Understand the root causes of disagreements between individuals
  • Sharpen your skills for managing conflict

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"I really loved [the Strategic Negotiation] course; it helped me gain confidence when negotiating by giving me specific strategies and tools to understand what my interests are and how I can achieve them."

-- 2017 Strategic Negotiation Participant