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Designed for both experienced and rising managers, the executive Management courses explore new techniques to lead your team. Discover new approaches to leading organizational performance and learn valuable insights you can implement immediately. Whether you are looking for a new competency or to enhance your existing skill set, these courses will help you support your team's performance. Learn how to build conflict resolution skills, develop negotiation techniques, understand financials in business, interpret big data, and negotiate in a cross-cultural setting. 


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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Extracting Business Value

Learn how to interpret Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to extract the business value. This short course examines how information can impact the business world and your organization and discusses how to use the data to move your company forward. Participants gain a basic understanding of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with interactive and engaging presentations and non-technical approaches.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Gain an understanding of the basics
  • Learn the advantages and limitations of each topic
  • Apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in practice
  • Identify and extract undervalued Big Data
  • Create strategies to leverage Big Data by using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms

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Budgeting & Strategic Performance Measurement

This course focuses on the development of an operating budget, along with how firms use multi-assessment tools to control business and managerial performance. Also explored is the “Balanced Scorecard,” a strategic performance measurement tool that includes four perspectives: Financial, Customer, Business Processes, and Learning & Growth.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Develop and improve budgeting and performance measurement skills
  • Gain a better understanding of the relationships among different types of budgets
  • Discover different strategic approaches to the development of operating budgets   

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Business Writing

Composing articulate, persuasive, and impactful written communication in the workplace is essential. Research shows nearly 75% of employers are actively seeking professionals with strong written communication skills. This is likely because the written communication created by staff directly affects the reader's views of the organization, as well as the individual. Empower yourself by learning research-driven techniques to deliver clear and concise messages in a professional atmosphere.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Use writing as an influential tool within the workplace
  • Understand the essentials of effective writing
  • Compose memos, emails, executive summaries, etc. using best practices

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Capital Budgeting

Professionals of any level, and in any function, who make spending decisions and budget allocation determinations and who need to understand how risk and return affect internal financial management decisions.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Understand how risk impacts capital budgeting decision and the effect it will have on the ultimate value of the investment under consideration
  • Understand the time value of money and related techniques to quantify risks and evaluate the attractiveness of investment options
  • Learn to forecast expected return
  • Understand cost-benefit analysis using relative information to facilitate the capital budgeting analysis and investment decision making

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Designing Personal Change

Setting a goal is just the first step to achieving it. In this course, participants will learn the psychology behind personal changes and master techniques that will enable them to realize their aspirations. Discover innovative solutions to generate your personal success.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Set realistic personal and professional goals
  • Understand and challenge possible setbacks
  • Create and act upon an approachable plan of action to achieve objectives

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Digital Marketing Strategy

This three-day intensive program will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the digital marketing landscape, beginning with how digital marketing should fit into the greater marketing communications framework.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Understand the digital marketing frameworks & business models.
  • Create a comprehensive and cohesive digital strategy.
  • Recognize the best methods for selecting the appropriate tactics, channels and tools.
  • Analyze the different approaches for measuring the performance and return on investment of your digital marketing activities.
  • Understand how to quantify the incremental impact digital marketing programs have on an organization’s bottom line.

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Financial Statement Analysis

Professionals of any level, and in any function who make decisions with financial implications, including human resources, finance, sales and marketing, operations, and IT.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Read, understand, analyze, and interpret the three key financial statements in companies and non-profit organizations including income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows
  • Apply ratio analysis to assess a company’s level of profitability and financial risk
  • Understand how decision and transactions in an organization impact the financial statements
  • Understand the basics of forecasting future financial statements, and assess the impact of potential changes to business processes and financial resources

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Foundations of Leadership and Management

Understand how to better form teams and make strategic decisions, how to leverage group processes and personal networks to be more effective as a leader, and how to select and motivate the right people to join your team or unit. Foundations of Leadership and Management is the required foundational course for the Management Development Certificate (but open to any Carey Executive Education participant), and it  participants to lead with purpose and incorporate core knowledge and skills from research on leadership and organizations into their daily practices.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Guide teams to efficient and effective decisions
  • Leverage a professional network for leading more productively in organizations
  • Motivate others to achieve team or organizational goals
  • Select and develop the right people for a team or organization

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Leadership In Action

Act powerfully and courageously to overcome real-world challenges facing organizations in today's society. The Leadership in Action course will equip you with the skills you need to make a positive change in the business world. Move your organization forward, transform the work you do, and make your voice be heard in service of your purpose.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Explore their personal leadership paradigm
  • Understand theory of leadership
  • Design powerful leader-shift questions
  • Generate new possibilities for their organization
  • Enhance leadership skills with an experiential approach

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Leading Inclusively

The expectation to “do more with less” in an organization requires leaders to bring out the untapped potential of a workforce. Discover research-based strategies and tools to leverage employee capabilities, drive individual performance and achieve organizational goals. Participants will understand the power of inclusion to attract, motivate and retain human capital while maximizing performance and creating value through people.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Overcome biases in human resource management
  • Build and lead diverse work teams to drive performance goals
  • Learn research-based strategies for tactically and strategically managing human capital
  • Understand the ways in which people create value in and for organizations

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Leading Organizational Change

Manage change in your organization and develop a successful framework for problem-solving. Learn how to use the power of systems to overcome challenges using four simple frameworks: Change Kaleidoscope, Immunity to Change, Open Space Technology, and System Diagnostics.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Tap into their own implicit change theory
  • Discover a system to create governance
  • Diagnose the systems they are trying to change
  • Connect with faculty and peers to collaborate

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Operations Management

In this course, you will discover research-based operations strategies, explore practical inventory management tools, and learn how to plan for the challenges that can come with variability in your supply chain. With customer expectations, brand loyalty, and financial targets on the line, course content will focus on teaching effective strategies for demand forecasting, the lean management principles to mitigate variability, and managing communication, processes, inventory, and relationships.

This course prepares participants to:
  • View their work through an operations-centric lens
  • Plan and manage effective business scheduling
  • Articulate and improve the processes by which their group delivers goods or services to its customers
  • Communicate across internal and external channels
  • Design processes to align key stakeholders
  • Work as an effective part of the supply chain
  • Better understand and be able to articulate solutions for common operations principals including: bottleneck identification, capacity planning, demand forecasting and inventory planning. 

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Project Management

Our Project Management course equips participants with a powerful set of tools to plan, implement, and manage activities to realize specific objectives.  Applicable to a wide range of businesses and professions, the ability to effectively manage projects is a skill set actively sought by employers and a career-advancing talent employees will call upon again and again.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Minimize the potentially damaging effects of workplace conflicts
  • Understand the root causes of disagreements between individuals
  • Sharpen your skills for managing conflict

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Strategic Conflict Management

Conflicts are unavoidable in the business world, and effective resolution is critical to organizational success. Learn strategies for addressing conflicts as they arise, techniques for unifying your organization, and ways to promote strategic change.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Examine the root cause of conflicts, from small disputes to organizational upheaval
  • Use techniques rooted in research to manage conflict
  • Understand the cause of disagreements between individuals
  • Apply lessons they learned to their organization

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Strategic Negotiation

Become a better negotiator with valuable techniques designed to achieve favorable outcomes. Learn the strategic foundation and knowledge needed for effectively negotiating with employers, coworkers, clients, employees, and others encountered in daily business. Gain the confidence you need to overcome uncomfortable negotiation sessions and achieve the best possible result.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Become a powerful negotiator at all organizational levels
  • Discover their individual negotiation style
  • Achieve their goals through strategic negotiation
  • Develop a systematic approach
  • Learn to cope with win-lose situations and transform them into win-win situations

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Technology Entrepreneurship

The ever-changing world of technology provides endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on new ventures. Learn how to turn your raw technology concepts into real-world innovations.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Determine their personal value proposition
  • Accurately Analyze the market and target audience/s
  • Create validated business proposals and apply for grant funding
  • Bring their designs and discoveries to market

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Women in Leadership

Through exercises, discussion, and case studies, participants gain skills in influencing others, negotiating, and leading groups and teams. Also examined are strategies to build a network of career growth and nurturing healthy and diverse workplaces. 

This course prepares participants to:
  • Develop a keen understanding of research informed strategies to minimize gender bias in the workforce
  • Enhance Team effectiveness by understanding team processes and decision making
  • Build negotiation skills and develop strategies for creating and claiming value
  • Leverage social networks and techniques to influence individuals and groups
  • Learn to use allies and persuasion to create new frameworks for communicating a vision

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"I really loved [the Strategic Negotiation] course; it helped me gain confidence when negotiating by giving me specific strategies and tools to understand what my interests are and how I can achieve them."

-- 2017 Strategic Negotiation Participant
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