Student Project Overview

Student projects are a key feature of academic programs at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. They provide an opportunity to synthesize and apply all previous graduate coursework in an experiential learning situation.

The student teams perform "real world" business engagements for local and regional organizations - both for-profit and nonprofit. The student teams research and explore a strategic business need of the organization under the instruction of members of the faculty at the Carey Business School. The end-products of the team's efforts (i.e., the deliverables agreed upon with the project sponsor organization) are presented to the course instructor, experts/judges and the corporate sponsor at the end of the course.

Student teams have worked with hundreds of organizations, including BioReliance, Black & Decker, Custom Direct, MedImmune, SunTrust Bank of Maryland, The Columbia Bank, Legg Mason, Williams and Wilkens Printing, Upper Chesapeake Health, TESSCO Technologies and Environmental Elements Corporation, and many others.

Prospective areas of interest to students include:

  • Strategic Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Biotechnology
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing

Click here to fill out a request form for a student team.

Your request will be entered into the student project database for faculty at the Carey Business School. If a faculty member is interested in your project for a course, he/she will contact you directly. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that submitted projects will be selected for use in a course. We will contact you periodically to keep the database current.

Once a project is selected, participating sponsor and student(s) may sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure appropriate confidentiality and protect the interests of all participants. View the recommended non-disclosure agreement here.

For further information on a student project, please email Rick Milter at

Carey Business School faculty: click here to access the student project database (JHED ID required).