Paying Your Bill with Financial Aid

As long as you apply by the priority filing deadlines and respond in a timely manner to document requests, your financial aid will be ready by the start of the semester and will be disbursed or paid to your student account when you begin classes.

Enroll in Both 8-Week Terms Up Front

Financial Aid students enrolling in 8-week terms must enroll in both terms (ex: Fall1 and Fall2) before the semester (ex: Fall) begins.

Are You Enrolled at Least Half-Time?

Student loans, and many types of financial aid, require that a student be enrolled at least half-time. 

Graduate students: half-time enrollment is at least 4.5 credits per semester (which requires 3 two-credit courses in one semester).  

The half-time enrollment requirement for summer is at least 3 credits. Since Carey does not have one-credit courses, you will need to take 4 credits (two classes) in summer to qualify for aid in that semester.

You May Lose Your Financial Aid Awards When You Drop Classes

If you do not begin class or drop a class, your financial aid may be reduced or cancelled.  And withdrawing from classes after the semester has begun may also impact your eligibility. (See Return of Title IV Funds policy.) Please contact the Carey Business School Office of Financial Aid if you are considering any changes to your enrollment status.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Financial aid recipients are required to make satisfactory academic progress towards their degree. Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA (currently 3.0, however, from the end of fall 2019 this will be 2.85) and earn at least two-thirds of attempted coursework. (See the Carey Business School's financial aid SAP policy.)

Remember, you must re-apply for financial aid every year. Apply early. You should plan to complete your application in April, for classes beginning in July.