All students enrolled in full-time programs (except MBA/MPH), and all F-1 visa status students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage to provide protection against unexpected accidents and illnesses. Full-time program and F-1 students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP).

Students are billed each fall and spring for the premium on their SIS Student Account. Coverage for new students begins on the first day of orientation and ends the following summer. Coverage for returning students begins on August 15, 2019 and ends on August 14, 2020. No refunds are issued once enrolled in the Student Health Benefits Plan.

Students can access their SHBP by logging into SIS Self-Service. Select the Health Insurance option under the Personal Info tab.

If your current coverage is ending

Currently enrolled full-time students whose existing health insurance coverage is ending can enroll in the University’s Student Health Benefits Plan before the published enrollment date (30 days) by submitting a copy of the termination letter from the current insurance carrier to Student Services at New coverage is available beginning the 15th of each month and continues until the next regular enrollment date.

Rates and Effective Dates for 2019 - 2020

  • The premium is $1,103 per semester and is charged to your student account.
  • For new students: The SHBP is in effect from the first day of Orientation on to February 14th for the fall semester. Coverage will begin on July 25th for students enrolled in the Summer Intensive program.
  • For returning students: The SHBP is in effect from August 15th to February 14th for the fall semester.
  • The SHBP is in effect from February 15th to August 14th for the spring semester. New students entering the university in January will have coverage from January 15th to August 14th.

2019-2020 Dependent Rates

Insurance Waiver Process

All students enrolled in full-time programs (except MBA/MPH), and all F-1 visa status students must purchase the University’s Student Health Benefits Plan. Only students who are already enrolled in a US-based insurance plan through their employer (or the US Military) or family may request a waiver of the University’s Student Health Benefit Plan. To request a waiver, log in to SIS at and complete a waiver request. Students are responsible to request a waiver by September 15. Students will not be permitted to waive coverage after the September 15th deadline. It is the student's responsibility to track their student account and ensure they request a waiver on time.

OBTAINING YOUR ID CARD and finding a provider

Students enrolled in the SHBP may print their ID cards by logging into SIS or by visiting Consolidated Health Plans' website (CHP). ID cards will be available to print only after students have been charged the 6-month premium.
Students are greatly encouraged to find a provider as soon as possible by going to the Cigna website.


While the school makes every effort to inform students about their SHBP during the Summer Intensive Program, orientations, and, fall and spring information sessions, it is the student's responsibility to be an informed consumer, know how the plan works, benefits, providers, payment responsibility, etc. The Student Services Office facilitates the administration process to support students. Please note that Wellfleet is the insurer, while Cigna is the provider. All plan questions should be directed to Wellfleet, not Cigna, within posted business hours.
The SHBP provides medical coverage. Students interested in purchasing dental and/or vision coverage are able to enroll by going to SIS Self-Service. Students are advised to consider their needs and the cost of options before making a decision.  For more information on the vision and dental plan, check out this Frequently Asked Questions guide.  Open enrollment for vision and/or dental coverage will end on September 30, 2019.
Schedule of Benefits
CHP website
Cigna website
Carey Business Students 2019-2020 Student Health Benefits Plan Flyer