The mission of the Student Services Office is to enrich the Carey student experience through education, dynamic services and resources.

Our team collaborates with students, faculty, staff and community partners to engage, educate and empower students in a respectful and positive learning environment. We strive to cultivate accountability and ownership for students through a human-centered, holistic and developmental process.

Student Services Office programming and initiatives are aligned with the Professional Standards developed by the Council for the Advancement of Stanards in Higher Education and Carey Business School's goals.  The general stanards are:
knowledge acquisition, construction, integration and application, cognitive complexity, intrapersonal development, interpersonal competence, humanitarianism and civic engagement, and practical competence. 

The Student Services Office team of dedicated professionals provide support, resources, mentoring and programming in some the following areas:

Student Success Center  

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Disability Support Services

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English Language Program 

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Summer Intensive Program

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For a full list of our academic policies and resources, please refer to the Carey Business School Student Handbook and Academic Catalog.

Meet the Student Services Team