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Social impact is no longer simply the concern or focus of NGOs. Big consulting firms like McKinsey and BCG integrate social impact in both the work their employees do and the collaborations they have with larger communities. At Carey, we encourage our students to pursue professional opportunities that allow them to have a positive impact on society. Such opportunities are varied and can be found in various fields including the nonprofit sector, government, corporate social responsibility, or social entrepreneurship. Students often consider the social impact network in conjunction with one of our other six networks: Technology, Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Health Care.

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GoGovernment Resources

  • Find your fit: This site is designed to be your guide as you consider, apply, and secure federal employment. 
  • Career Guides: Check out this career guide if you want to learn how you can apply a degree in business and finance within the federal government.
  • Best Places to Work: View a comprehensive assessment of how federal public servants view their jobs and workplaces, providing employee perspectives on leadership, pay, innovation, work–life balance and other issues.

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Tomas Solari Yrigoyen

Writing resumes, cover letters, and networking takes time and the CDO is there to help. As a student leader, they provided great feedback and helped for planning events including the last TedX JHUDC.”

Tomas Solari Yrigoyen | MS Enterprise Risk Management 2017