1. Complete your self-assessment. 

2. Review the Carey Career Navigator​, our online career resource library. 

3. Visit the Johns Hopkins University career planning website​ to access university-wide resources such as GoinGlobal, Case Questions Interactive, Interview Stream, Candid Career and Vault Career Intelligence and set-up personal accounts using your JHED username and password. 

4. Subscribe to our blog Carey the Torch​ to learn more about life at Carey and to see what our students and alumni are doing with their degrees. If you are interested in contributing a piece, please contact Krasi Shapkarova

5. Participate virtually in CDO Network webinars in July​. These virtual sessions with career coaches and industry experts are designed to introduce you to recruiting timelines, professional branding guidelines, and CDO resources and services.

6. Review industry recruiting timelines and plan accordingly​. Those interested in internships or jobs in consulting and financial services, as well as administrative fellowships in healthcare, should be prepared to apply for these opportunities as early as September for the summer of 2019.

7. Develop your business school resume using the VMock SMART Resume platform​. VMock uses algorithms to analyze resumes against industry standards and provides immediate, customized feedback to users. Sign up at vmock.com/JHUCarey, upload your resume, get immediate feedback and refine it as needed. Receive a score of 75% or higher before arriving at Carey. Meet with a career coach for final approval and begin engaging with employers. 

8. Consider attending one or more Affinity Conferences to meet and network with students from other business schools as well as companies who typically recruit business school graduates.

9. Register and complete your personal profile on Handshakethe Johns Hopkins University career services platform​. Handshake allows students to review and apply for job and internship postings, register for recruiting events, schedule coaching appointments, and access helpful resources.