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Student Success Center Workshops

APA Format
Avoiding Plagiarism
Business Communication: Memo
Business Communication: Annotated Bibliography
Business Communication: White Paper
Business Leadership: Moral Compass
Business Leadership: Final Case Brief
Goal Setting
Note Taking & Study Skills

writing resources

We have a variety of easy-to-follow handouts to help you learn about the writing process, grammar, and APA style. You may also pick up these handouts on campus. You can download the full APA Guide or Grammar Guide or choose the topic you need below.
APA Abstract
APA Citations 
APA General Format
APA Headings
APA Integrating Sources
APA Reference List
APA Sample Paper
APA Title Page
How to Write an Introduction
How to Write a Conclusion
Parallel Structure
Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Run-on Sentences 
Sentence Fragments
Verb Tense

public speaking Resources

Carey Presentation Guide 
TED Talks: a comprehensive guide to presentation skills for business students

quantitative resources 

For information about Carey's Quantitative Skills Bootcamp, contact

Effective email writing

SSC and ELP Email Etiquette Guide
SSC and ELP Quick Guide to Writing Emails

English as a Second Language

English Language Program (ELP) at Carey Business School