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Option B, Thanks Sheryl!

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How’s your Option A going? Did you have plans to land a job that didn’t come through? Or end a relationship you thought was going to be long-term? Maybe you...


4 Ways Non-Conformists Move the World

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What did Martin Luther King Jr., Michelangelo, Steve Wozniak, America’s Founding Fathers, and Copernicus have in common, aside from changing the world’s trajectory? All nearly let the fear of failure...

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Good Reads: Are You Confident?

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Are You Confident? Confidence is important. In fact, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of The Confidence Code, “found that success correlates more closely with confidence than it does with...

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Good Reads: Inside Out

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I was fortunate enough to hear So-Young Kang, Catalyst, Founder & CEO of Awaken Group, a multi-disciplinary Transformation Design firm, speak at the 2016 MBA CSEA Asian Conference. After hearing...

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Good Reads: Thinking, Fast and Slow

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Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and a psychologist, emphasizing human rationality and judgment. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, you’ll find answers to questions about your daily...

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To Sell is Human

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According to Daniel Pink and his book To Sell is Human, everyone is in sales. Selling is not limited to car dealers, insurance salesmen, and pharmaceutical reps. Stop and think...


How Will You Measure Your Life?

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Clayton M. Christensen, Professor at the Harvard Business School, and a world-renowned innovation expert, asked himself this question when he was diagnosed with cancer; the same cancer that had taken...

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The Beauty of Teamwork

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Rowing is a grueling sport. It involves massive core strength, technique, early morning training, blisters, coordination, no timeouts, and the ability to compete through severe pain. Some rowers have described...